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It’s a Karma’s World Cast Rap!

Get ready to turn UP the volume!

The incredibly talented Karma's World cast are hitting the stage with an extra special treat for you in the form of a Cast Rap that Karma Grant would be proud of, introduced by none other than Karma's World creator, Chris Bridges!

Get ready to meet this all star line-up of natural born performers coming to Netflix on October 15.

Karma's World features the incredible voice talents of Asiahn Bryant, Camden Coley, Danielle Brooks, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tiffany Haddish, Dascha Polanco, Jordan Fisher, Dawnn Lewis, Isaia Kohn, Aria Capria, Kaila Mullady, and Ramone Hamilton.

Asiahn Bryant as Karma Grant

Danielle Brooks as Dr. Lillie Grant

Sway Bhatia as Sabiya

From the talented mind of Chris Bridges - Karma's World is an inspiring show about a talented young rapper finding her voice and using it to change the world.

Coming to Netflix October 15.

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