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Irish Daily Mail: How to Make a Disney Classic #Article

Check out the fang-tastic double page spread which featured our lovely Vampirina in the Irish Daily Mail on Monday 6th November!

Vampirina is the story of a lovable young vampire as she faces the trials of being the new kid in town. After her family move from their home in Transylvania to Pennsylvania, Vee (6) needs to start school and learn to make friends in the human world. Along the way, she learns that while it's important to blend in with her pals, it's also valuable to celebrate the qualities that make each individual unique.

Michelle Obama graced an episode of Doc McStuffins, now Brown Bag Films' new cartoon Vampirina is being hailed as Disney's 'most original' yet!

Now, that's something to go batty over!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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