Instagram Spotlight: Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe

Looking for some creative artist accounts to follow on Instagram? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This month we chatted with Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe who's based in our Toronto studio. Mitch has been with the studio 11 years this month and this wealth of experience is evident in the beautiful work he produces!

You can view his work on his Instagram at @mitchsartplace. You'll see plenty of familiar and nostalgic pieces as well as having a chuckle as you browse through his work. We had a scroll through and picked out some pieces to chat with Mitch about!

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Animation has always been my dream job, ever since I was a young kid making flip-books out of pads of paper. I’ve worked on many television shows, and have learned a lot from each one of them!

I feel I can always learn a new skill, technique or mindset to grow as an artist and as a person! I started an Instagram art account just over a year ago - @mitchsartplace - to help motivate me to work more on my art skills outside of work.

How would you best describe your work?

Generally, I like to make art that has a certain amount of playful and exaggerated parts to make it jump off the page.

With costumes, I like to find crafty (cheap) ways to create something awe-inspiring. Mostly it’s all about improvisation and having fun with it.

Your work seems to have a lightheartedness about it, is this done intentionally and how do you go about achieving this?

I’m a pretty positive person and I just enjoy adding humour into my work, whenever possible. If it’s something that makes me smile, I’m sure it will have that effect on others as well.

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and neither should art!

Your work has influences from television, film and the 90's, why do you enjoy working within these parameters?

I am a big fan of movies and pop culture, and I always like to bring my interests into an art format. Usually, it’s the excitement of creating something of my own that celebrates the source material. I think to myself, “I’ve never drawn this character before!” So I try to put my own spin on it. It’s the same reason I like making costumes that aren’t seen very often. It’s a nice challenge!

What artists inspire you and your work?

Some of my favourite artists on Instagram are Scott C, Luigi Lucarelli, Levi Prewitt and Dan Hipp. But my list of inspiring artists grows all the time. I like participating in art challenges that trend on Instagram. They create opportunities to interact with the art community, and it broadens my reach as well.

How do you develop your work and skill set and what motivates you to do so?

Same as anyone, it takes lots of practice and experimentation. The path to success is paved with failures and mistakes, so we can’t be afraid to make them. Positive feedback helps motivate me to keep going and keep improving. Sometimes the vision doesn't turn out how I like, so I try to not force it. In these cases, changing direction and starting fresh usually results in something I'm much more proud of!

How do you approach a personal project and is this very different than your approach to a professional one?

Personal projects don’t have deadlines or rules unless I set them for myself. Professional projects are much more of a challenge because it’s someone else’s vision. To really give them what they are looking for requires a lot of communication and you can’t let your ego get in the way! You have to be prepared for any and all possibilities.

Can you tell us a bit about the piece below?

Sure this was part of a #drawthisinyourstyle art challenge. The original piece was done by @lanajay_art and I loved the colours! This was particularly fun for me for a few reasons. One, I'm not very aware of my own 'style' per-say, so taking on this challenge had a bit of self-discovery to it. I'm also not experienced at drawing women, so it was great practice. And lastly, it was my first time-lapse using Procreate, which I found very interesting as a way to see the progress from start to finish.

What tools do you use in your work and what is your favourite?

Currently, my favourite tool is drawing digitally using Procreate on the iPad Pro. I find I have a lot of control with the Apple Pencil and it’s comparable to drawing on paper, without the mess!

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Besides digital art, I draw traditionally with pencil, build costumes and props, craft things (usually as gifts), occasionally painting in acrylic or watercolours. And I do like to feature all of that on the same Instagram account.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Other than the odd commission, I don’t sell much of my art. In the future, I’d like to make more of a name for myself, produce prints, stickers and other products to sell to fans of my work.


Be sure to check out more from Mitch at @mitchsartplace!


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