Instagram Spotlight: 3 Brown Bag Artist Accounts You Need to Follow #OctoberEdition

Looking for some creative artist accounts to follow on Instagram? Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

We did a callout to our artists and gathered up 3 terrific accounts to share with you from across our three locations. 

We know you're gonna love 'em!

Samuel Amanfi

You'll find some familiar faces along with some cool look development and character concepts on our Toronto based Layout Artist Samuel Amanfi's instagram account.

Trust us, scrolling through this account will leave you wanting more!

You can catch more from Samuel at @gazillion_ear

/images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Sam-Amanfi-001.JPG /images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Sam-Amanfi-003.JPG /images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Sam-Amanfi-002.JPG

Chloe Peters

Our Manchester based 2D Animator Chloe Peters has a knack for drawing animals, in particular big cats!

Her instagram is filled with gorgeous watercolour pieces alongside pencil sketches and digital paintings to keep you scrolling away for hours. We're loving her inktober pieces!

Check out more from Chloe at @finchwing

/images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Chloe-Peters-001.JPG /images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Chloe-Peters-003.JPG /images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Chloe-Peters-002.JPG

Marvi Manzoni

Our Dublin based 2D Designer Marvi Manzoni has a flair for vibrant colours, characters and patterns! Her instagram account oozes charm, with an abundance of cute character concepts and props you will want to own in real life.

You can catch more from Marvi at @marvimanzoni

/images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Marvi-Manzoni-001.JPG /images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Marvi-Manzoni-002.JPG /images/labs/Instagram-Spotlight-October-Marvi-Manzoni-003.JPG

Check out our previous edition of featured Instagram accounts HERE and be sure to tune in next month for another Instagram Spotlight!

Anahita Tabarsi

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