InkTober Week Three

This month brings with it the delightful, arty challenge of InkTober - set up by artist Jake Parker, the challenge encourages artists all over the world to do one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October.

Our staff have taken up the challenge and each week we're going to post a selection of their work! Here's a quick look through week three:


InkTober sketches from Modeller Giacomo Esposito Vivino:


/images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_13_GiacomoEspositoVivino_Inktober.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_12_GiacomoEspositoVivino_Inktober.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_17_GiacomoEspositoVivino_Inktober.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_19_GiacomoEspositoVivino_Inktober.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_18_GiacomoEspositoVivino_Inktober.jpg

InkTober sketches from 2D Designer Katarzyna Brzezinska:


/images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Inktober_Week_3_-_Kasia_Brzezinska_(Lil_Witch).jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Inktober_Week_3_-_Kasia_Brzezinska_(long_distance_relationship).jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Inktober_Week_3_-_Kasia_Brzezinska_(Poison_Ivy).jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Inktober_Week_3_-_Kasia_Brzezinska_(Stevonnie).jpg

InkTober sketch from Background Artist Kirsten Shiel:


InkTober sketch from Production Manager Paul Shanahan:


InkTober sketch from Character Design Artist Matthew Brooke:


InkTober sketch from Modeller Paul Deasy and a sketch from his super talented student Alana Mc Cormack, age 17, a secondary school student with some serious illustration chops:


InkTober sketch from Background Artist Charlotte White:


In case you missed them, be sure to check out the InkTober sketches from Week One and Week Two and don't forget to tune in for more next week!

For more info on InkTober and how to participate check out:


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