In Transit #Sketch

These transit sketches, created by our Toronto-based Design Supervisor Matt Cassan, capture moments of stillness and the characters hiding in plain sight during our daily commute.

/images/labs/2018-03-20_12_21_06-Matt_Cassan_(@mattcassan)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos.png /images/labs/2018-03-20_11_27_01-Matt_Cassan_on_Instagram__“She’s_tucking_her_feet_under_the_next_page_...._ttc_.png /images/labs/2018-03-20_11_26_32-Matt_Cassan_on_Instagram__“Drawing_at_unionstation_the_other_day_with_my_senec.png /images/labs/2018-03-20_11_26_23-Matt_Cassan_on_Instagram__“Drawing_on_the_subway_._._._._._lifedrawing_drawin.png /images/labs/2018-03-20_11_26_11-Matt_Cassan_(@mattcassan)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos.png /images/labs/2018-03-20_12_22_12-Matt_Cassan_(@mattcassan)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos.png /images/labs/2018-03-20_12_29_25-Matt_Cassan_(@mattcassan)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos.png

Matt’s “in-transit” sketchbook stories are created using brush pens and China Markers.


Matt: I like to draw on transit because it's fun. I've always liked drawing people and it's a great way to research characters. It helps me to develop greater drawing skill, and it allows me to explore different media and styles - I also think it's a better pastime than keeping my nose in my phone :)


For more of Matt’s work check out his Instagram!

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