Gouache Illustration #Sketch

Today’s #sketch is a gouache painting by Dublin-based 2D Artist Lydia Sanchez!


Lydia: When I have free time, I like to paint using traditional art materials.

I love gouache! If you don’t know this material, it’s more or less like watercolour but gouache allows you to create more opaque colours which results in being able to add finer details. 

You can also change the colour even if it has dried and create a lot of nice texture.

Now that we’re coming up to winter, it’s a good time to start dabbling with gouache as the cold weather helps to keep the paint from drying too quickly! 

Hopefully, some of you will want to give it a go as it’s awesome!

/images/labs/Illustration_gouache_3.jpg /images/labs/Illustration_gouache_2.jpg /images/labs/Illustration_gouache_1.jpg

Check out a short video of the making of the illustration here!

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