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Hopping To Our Own Beat - Easter Bunny #Art

This week, we went on an egg hunt of sorts, searching around Brown Bag for Easter Bunny themed artwork!

And boy, did we “hop upon” some real sweet finds thanks to our artists.

Behold our Easter Bunny themed art show!

First up, Bunny and friends! Whimsical illustration by Lydia Sanchez, 2D Designer, Brown Bag Dublin.

The “No Peeking Pink Bunny” by Jennifer Sherman, Director, Brown Bag Toronto. This bunny feels very strongly about the element of surprise.

How to chillax like a bunny! Work by Elodie Thomas, Rigger, Brown Bag Dublin. Side note, slippers that look like bunnies make the world a better place!

Bunny Wizard! By Jonathan Coit, Stunt Animator, Brown Bag Toronto

“Meow” by Samantha Elizabeth Braithwaite Storyboard Revisionist, Brown Bag Toronto

A bunny’s favourite food is? Art by Adriana Blake, Storyboard Revisionist, Brown Bag Toronto. But seriously, who needs chocolate eggs, when the world has carrots!

The Egg Hunt grand prize winner! Piece by Saaed Rezvani, Animator, Brown Bag, Manchester. Guess some bunnies’ do prefer chocolate over carrots…

Biker Bunny is bad to the bone… but will still bring you chocolate on Easter! Art by David Pietila, Layout Supervisor, Brown Bag Toronto.

These bunnies have a whimsical sense of humour! Art by Kate Conway, Executive Assistant, Brown Bag Dublin.

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