Happy #WorldOceansDay!

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  • Posted by Anahita Tabarsi on June 08 2016

It's June 8th - World Oceans Day!

World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future.

This year sees the theme of “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” with a focus on individuals and organisations taking action for the prevention of plastic pollution in our oceans.

We all want a cleaner, safer environment for our sea creature pals and today is a chance to spread that message and focus on the actions we can take to make that happen!

We're taking a leaf out of the Octonauts book and spreading the message:

"Explore! Rescue! Protect!"

You can help the environment too, just like the Octonauts do, by recycling and discarding refuse properly!

Let's make a big #WaveforChange!

For more ideas on how you can make a difference, please visit the World Oceans Day website and spread the message!

Happy #WorldOceansDay!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Media Coordinator and designated photographer.


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