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Happy SysAdmin Day! #2020

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day, a day to look to your intrepid IT team and say THANK YOU for being awesome.

We’ve also heard some folks refer to this day as the single greatest 24 hours on the planet, and we have to agree! Especially this year, considering the incredible feats of technology our IT team achieved to ensure that all our crew could work from home safely and seamlessly during the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

Just to review a few of their unprecedented achievements - the team moved 1100 staff, in 5 cities, out of studio to full remote access in just 3 weeks, all the while maintaining full operational efficiency throughout the COVID-19 lockdown! And that was on top of all the other gajillion email issues, pipeline flare-ups and helpdesk tickets that they still managed to successfully resolve every day.

So, join us in extending an ENORMOUS thank you to the awesome humans who keep us sailing smoothly day-in and day-out! We really couldn’t do anything without you. 

And a final note, about… you guessed it, cake!

Normally this holiday is celebrated in classic Brown Bag style, with a cake party. But this year, due to the current state of our socially distanced studios, we are instead inviting all to join us on a delicious virtual trip down cake memory lane!

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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