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Happy National Hugging Day! #Playlist

It’s #NationalHuggingDay! We're sending all of you a grr-ific, roarsome, fang-tastic virtual hug today in the form of our Hug Day Playlist!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - “A Hug to Feel Better!”

Daniel and Baby Margaret are sad, but warm cuddle with mom is just the thing to help them feel better!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood  - “The Best Hug!”

Daniel loves getting “squeezy” hugs from Dad Tiger and Grandpere!

You can see more from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood including fun activities and games on PBS Kids.

Henry Hugglemonster - “Huggs Giving Day”

Henry's cousins are visiting him, but Henry has a falling out with his cousin!

You can see more from Henry Hugglemonster on the Disney Junior UK YouTube Channel.

Vampirina - “The Cuddle Monster”

Watch this Vampirina #MagicalMoment from Episode 13 'Bone Appetit' where Buttons, the super cute cuddle monster, learns that you don't have to be scary just because you're a monster after she stops Bridget from being scared!

You can see more from Vampirina on the Disney Junior UK YouTube Channel.

Anahita Tabarsi

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