Happy International Women’s Day 2018! #PressforProgress

It's International Women's Day!!!

aka one of THE best-loved days in the Brown Bag Dublin studio!

We've been carrying on a tradition of celebrating all the talented ladies in the studio with some delicious cake from one of our favourite feminists, Ryan Gosling! ;)

We started this tradition, way back when, in 2013 - when there was a team of just under 50 women in the studio!

We have since grown to a team of 96 in Dublin, with the addition of 26 in Manchester and 109 in Toronto!


Take a trip down memory lane with us and have a look at our IWD celebrations through the years:

2013 | 2014 | 20152016 | 2017 | 2018

/images/labs/IWD_2013_01.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2013_02.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2014_03.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2014_01.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2014_02.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2015_01.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2015_02.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2016_01.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2016_02.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2017_01.jpg /images/labs/IWD_2017_02.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_22.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_01.jpg

And of course, this year's festivities were none too shabby!

/images/labs/IWD2018_05.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_04.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_18.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_19.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_16.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_09.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_26.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_20.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_07.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_27.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_17.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_10.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_12.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_13.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_14.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_06.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_21.jpg /images/labs/IWD2018_22.jpg

Check out some pics from our Manchester team:

/images/labs/IWD2018-Manchester_01.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_03.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_04.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_02.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_05.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_06.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_07.jpg /images/labs/Manchester_IWD2018_08.jpg

And this year our Toronto studio joined in the fun!  

/images/labs/IMG_6430_0018_IMG_6441.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0017_IMG_6456.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0021_Layer_1.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0013_IMG_6461.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0014_IMG_6459.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0000_IMG_6439.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0010_IMG_6470.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0016_IMG_6457.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0012_IMG_6464.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0015_IMG_6458.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0001_IMG_6442.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0007_IMG_6473.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0009_IMG_6471.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0008_IMG_6472.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0005_IMG_6475.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0006_IMG_6474.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0004_IMG_6478.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0003_IMG_6449.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0011_IMG_6468.jpg /images/labs/IMG_6430_0002_IMG_6448.jpg

This year's International Women's Day campaign theme is #PressforProgress.

Individually, we're one drop but together we're an ocean. Commit to a “gender parity mindset” via progressive action. Let's all collaborate to accelerate gender parity, so our collective action powers equality worldwide.

We're huge believers in this philosophy and we would like to embrace this year's theme by celebrating some of the women who have influenced us and continue to be an inspiration! Be sure to check out our post: From Animation to Children’s Media and Beyond…50 Inspiring Women!


Happy International Women's Day from all of us at Brown Bag Films!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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