Green Bag #Sketch

Today's #Sketch is from our Dublin based Art Director Stephen O'Connor which he kindly produced for Green Bag, our environmental committee here in the studio!

Stephen: The Green Bag committee asked me would I knock up something for the pub quiz in aid of Earth Day.

Pub + Earth Day + Trees + Green Bag Mascot + Two Hours in Photoshop = A sketch of a load of bags drinking in the trees :) 

Our Green Bag Committee have an awesome little mascot called 'Sprout' designed by Matthew Brooke previously from our Manchester studio. So, when you have a great little character like that it's fun to draw them. They have their own little pub quiz going on in the sketch and are having lots of laughs!

About Our Green Bag Committee

At Brown Bag Films, we are determined that producing high-quality animation for children should not leave a carbon burden for them to deal with as adults. Being conscientious about our impact on the environment is as important as creating fantastic animation.

Our Green Bag team endeavour to accomplish this through their tireless efforts to nudge Brown Baggers to re-use and recycle and to keep the energy usage low by turning off desktops and monitors outside of office hours.


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