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Furiosa Costume DIY Part 2 #CosplayForCancer

Continuing on from last weeks blog post, Lead Modeller Siobhan Doyle gives us an update on the progress of her DIY Furiosa Halloween costume and her Cosplay For Cancer fundraising!

Cosplay for Cancer has officially hit its full goal of €5000, way ahead of expectations! After the weekend, we were delighted to see we’d tipped the 3K mark, so I’m still a little floored at the extremely generous anonymous contribution that pushed us over 5K.

I’m actually enjoying having a new hairstyle every week, so I’ve no idea how I’ll adjust to the slow process of growing it all back out again. But nerves aside, this is definitely happening. Tomorrow, the rest of the hair will come off and I’ll be completely transformed.

In the meantime, there are a few pieces of the costume that I’d like to share with you. There are small finishing touches to be done on all of them, but this should give a good idea of the final look.

This is the rig that holds Furiosa’s arm on. When I first started breaking the design down in order to make the outfit, I thought she just wore a lot of belts for no reason. But watching the movie again, I saw that this is a very cleverly designed functional piece. To keep things simple, the actual arm is separate, but making this harness work has gone a long way towards giving an authentic look to the costume.

The arm itself was going to be made of cardboard, but my lovely housemate found time to show me a thing or two about model making. He took my base black glove and superglued a whole lot of craft foam to my hand. I then scratched it up and gave it a paint job.  It still needs some rusting and detail work, but I was pretty pleased to hear that they had made a foam replica in the movies too, so the metal version didn’t have to get lugged around all the time.

The belt is my favourite piece. A pair of belts, a bit of scrap leather, a little 3D printed emblem and a whole lot of chain.

I know I’m going to have a laugh swishing around in this all day, I just hope it doesn’t pull my trousers down with the weight!

That's all for now!

Stay tuned for the final look, and if you would like to help, share or donate, please visit the fundraising page!

Siobhan Doyle

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