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Furiosa Costume DIY Part 1 #CosplayForCancer

It’s regularly been noted that Brown Bag Films take Halloween very seriously.

We’re based in Ireland, Halloween’s birthplace, which means it’s the second biggest holiday of the year for a lot of us. But I think it’s the fact that so many of us studied model-making and various other arts back in college, that really has us looking forward to getting our craft on.

When I saw Mad Max: Fury Road, I knew straight away that I wanted to make a Furiosa costume. But to make it really work, I’d have to get a buzz cut, and my hair has never been above shoulder length.

The thing is, I’d been thinking of shaving my head already, for a completely different reason. Having lived with someone losing their own long hair to chemo, I have a very keen idea of how visible and upsetting it can be. There are many programs in Ireland, such as Heartfelt Hair, that will take long hair and create wigs to help people deal with illness related hair loss. My housemate and I decided to get the chop this Halloween in order to help.

Between donating our ponytails, costume ideas and wanting to do more to help the Irish Cancer Society, we set up Cosplay for Cancer, a fundraiser aimed at combining an extreme hair makeover and my love of a good costume with a traditional shave or dye.

Our original goal was to raise €1000. So far we’ve raised €2,678.60, which puts us over half way through our new goal of €5000.

There’s no going back on the impending shave and the pressure is on to finish the costume in time! I’ve been collecting, sewing, gluing and even 3D printing parts to pull the look together, and the buzz cut will be the final touch.

Here are some shots of the work so far:

There are so many belts (see below), but they're all functionally used to hold the prosthetic arm on!

I modelled the buckle in ZBrush and then printed it using the studio 3D Printer. (Blog post coming up on this soon!)

If you would like to donate, share or give us a shout, please check out the website and the fundraising page.

Stay posted for more updates soon and the final finished look!

Siobhan Doyle

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