Freedom: A 1916 Story #StaffPick

Looking for a short animation to watch? Check out today's #StaffPick, a timely, creative re-telling of the 1916 Easter Rising using stop-motion techniques with customised lego characters, written and produced by Peter Baxter and Joseph Orr. Specially commissioned for Wicklow County Council, 'Freedom - A 1916 Story' was created as part of their 1916 commemoration programme for the centennial.

Createschool proudly presents a Two Chimneys Production of “Freedom - A 1916 Story”. This 10 & 1/2 minute stop motion film tells a story of the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916. Commissioned by Wicklow County Council as part of their 1916 : 2016 Commemoration programme. Historian Pat Liddy was on hand to ensure historical accuracy and also lent his voice to the main character. Renowned singer songwriter Leslie Dowdall helped write a song for the film - “Time To Be' that features on the opening credits.

The film was 9 months in production, features customised LEGO characters & specially created “Proclamations”.


Anahita Tabarsi

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