Free Fringe Film Festival 2018 is Open for Submissions!

Free Fringe Film Festival is open for submissions!

The festival is back this year after having had a hugely successful run last year, winning the “Best Festival of the Year” award!

This July 20-22nd will be the 8th Free Fringe Festival and the 3rd Free Fringe Film Fest. The festival is open to filmmakers of all ages and experience levels!

The Rules:

Wanted - short films ranging from 0.1 seconds - 15 minutes max.

Doesn't matter what genre or plot, Free Fringe Film Festival want it all.

Free Fringe Film Festival want unseen and freshly baked short films. So, if you need to make one, we recommend that you get cracking!

Also, if have behind the scenes footage of your filmmaking process, edit it together and send it with your short film as there is an award for best BTS.

Submission Process:

To submit your film you can send it by email or we-transfer to

Hard copies can be sent by post to: Free Fringe Film Festival, Dannenberg, Drumcoura, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim, N41DK82.

Also, send a 400 word max description of your short film, this can include: age, number of films made previously, budget, film description, location scouting, problems that occured and how you dealt with them, genre of film, style etc. 

Award Categories:

Some of the film awards up for grabs are -

Best Cinematography

Best animated short film

Best Comedy

Best sci-fi

Best low budget

Best experimental

Best art film

Best Beginner/ Intermediate/ Expert

Best Behind the scenes

And more!


Applications for Film submissions are currently open.

Closing date is Saturday 30th June 2018.

Winners of 2017 Free Fringe Film Fest:

Best Cinematography: The Elephant is Contagious  by Simon O’Neil

Best camera: Don’t Say His Name by Sharon Teeling

Best Animated Short Film: Medicine by Tara Leigh Matthews

Weirdest Film: We Tamed the Lightning and Made Sand Think by Jesse James Hallaway

Best Experimental: The Forest and the Moon by Brian Tobin

Best VFX : Waste of Space By Matthew Joyce

Best Documentary/Nature Film: Taming Wild by Elsa Sinclair

Best Story/Best Action/Best Comedy: Tell Me about Yourself by Simon O’Neil

Best Use Of Environment/Best Colour Grading: As I Went Down to the River Styx by Douglas Ross & Ciara Ryan

Best True Story: Laurence by Ray McBride

Best Short Film: Mr. L’s Limbo by Fiachra Gallagher Lawson

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