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Follow Along with Our Recipe for De-Stressing

  • Posted by Rhya Tamasauskas on April 16 2020

In support of Stress Awareness Day, we've cooked up our own recipe of destressing steps to help parents and kids wind down, with an ingredient list full of life lessons from our friends over at Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood.

Recipe Instructions

Take a Deep Breath

When those big feelings start to bubble up and overflow, this is the perfect time to tune-in to one of Daniel’s greatest lessons – “When you feel so mad and you want to roar, take a deep breath, and count to four.”

Focusing on our breathing not only can help us with feelings of anger, but also can help us alleviate anxiety and stress.

Calm It Down

Our surroundings can intensify our feelings. If you are already having the worries, or are feeling the blues, and then find yourself in an environment that is overly loud and chaotic, you may feel those emotions amplifying. Take stock of your surroundings and see how you can calm them down. Is the TV too loud? Is that music too rock n’ roll? Try turning down the volume and turning up the chill.

Take Some Space

Another great way to slow things down and give your mind some room to run and play, is to get some space. Being alone is a great way to zen out, regenerate and recharge! You can read a book, paint or draw, and let your imagination run wild. Alone time can also help you improve your creativity and confidence!

We are Better Together

Reaching out to friends and family when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed is always a good idea. It’s important to ask for help when you need it. Your friends and family can assist you by listening and helping you find strategies to best manage your feelings. Plus, sometimes just talking about something and letting it loose in the world is enough to kick it out of your system. And though we can’t all be together physically right now, we can still try and see each other virtual meet ups, or communicate by email or text. There are many ways to keep connected and keep the conversation going.

Get Moving!

This is our last step, and it’s a groovy one. Another great way to deal with emotions that feel heavy and blue, is to get up and move! Walking, running, stretching and sports are all great ways to get your body going. But one of our ultimate favourites is DANCING! Like all physical activity, dancing has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress by releasing neurotransmitter and endorphins (happy hormones), which help our bodies to feel calm, joyous and optimistic.

Looking for some sweet tunes to boogie down to? Check out this grr-ific Daniel Tiger song compilation, and get your groove on.

And if you are on the hunt for more helpful Daniel Tiger lessons that teach us about our feelings, check out the How to Deal with the Way You Feel playlist here.

Until next time Neighbours, and remember “take a deep breath, and count to four.”

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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