Fanmail from Zambia!

We just received some really sweet fanmail that's brightened up our day! Pictured below is primary school teacher-in-training, Sarah Enright, reading one of Henry Hugglemonster author, Niamh Sharkey's books to her classroom in Zambia and doing some colouring in of Henry Hugglemonster and Doc McStuffins with them!

Check out their awesome colouring:

/images/labs/Fanmail_from_Zambia_02.jpg /images/labs/Fanmail_from_Zambia_04.jpg /images/labs/Fanmail_from_Zambia_03.jpg /images/labs/Fanmail_from_Zambia_05.jpg

Sarah is currently working in Chikuni in Zambia over the summer, with Suas Educational Development. 

Special thanks to Grainne Enright for sending us the snaps!

Anahita Tabarsi

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