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Dylan’s Playtime Adventures Now Airing on CBC Kids in Canada 

Get ready to jump feet first into adventure!

We are thrilled to share that Dylan's Playtime Adventures, 9 Story's new preschool series premieres today, Monday, April 1, in Canada on CBC Kids

Produced by 9 Story Media Group, and animated by Brown Bag Films, in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery and CBC Kids, Dylan’s Playtime Adventures (52 x 11min) is based on the Scholastic book series by bestselling illustrator/author Guy Parker-Rees. The CG animated interactive comedy follows Dylan, a stripey dog who lives in a stripey lighthouse in Buttercup Meadow. In every episode, Dylan takes on a new career – Doctor, Pizza Chef, Hair Stylist, Sea Captain – and invites his friends Ozzy, Daisy, Bitsy, and the viewers at home to play along with him. Ready with a regular household object, his trusty wagon, and his signature imagination, Dylan and his glowing stripes transform the meadow into anything from a hotel to a space station! With just a few regular household objects, his trusty wagon, his signature imagination and some great friends, Dylan transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, jumping feet first into every adventure that comes his way. Fueled by creativity, Dylan models best of play and improv leading to wildly original escapades that empower and encourage kids to trust their hearts, imaginations and each other.

Dylan’s Playtime Adventures was animated by our talented Brown Bag Films teams and is our first 2D/3D-hybrid series to be produced across the studio’s Toronto and Bali locations. From the extraordinary and whimsical storytelling to the vibrant animation, every detail of this series has been carefully curated to tickle the hearts and inspire the minds of children everywhere.

“Once in a while a show comes along that completely captures the minds of children at play. Dylan’s Playtime Adventures has that magic. 

Dylan & his friends pretend to be Firefighters, Bakers, Hairdressers and so much more. And because they are young, their version of what a professional does may not accurately match the real world, but it makes for great fun! Children will recognize the pretend in each episode and will want to join in and play along. I couldn’t be prouder of our Toronto team. With our Directors, Chris Ramsarran & Rich Weston, Kellie DeVries our Art Director, and the talented 2D artists & CG specialists they brought to life the beautiful storybook look of this 2D/3D-hybrid. This was a whole company effort with Bali handling assistant animation, while Dublin built the early prototypes of Dylan & Bitsy. Dylan’s Playtime Adventures captures play in a fun way, and I can’t wait for children everywhere to get to play along!” 

- Lucy Snyder, Producer, Brown Bag Films

“From Toronto, Dublin, and Bali, it's taken a lot of effort and dedication from some of the most talented teams I’ve ever worked with. We can finally say it’s time to embark on a vibrant and engaging playtime adventure with Dylan, our puppy prince of play!  Ride with him as he gathers his fuzzy friends and explores the boundless possibilities of creativity and imagination. Want to play pilots? Want to play astronaut?  How about a sea captain? Dylan and his friends will take you soaring through the clouds or dive with you into the deepest oceans.  Each episode is a kaleidoscopic celebration of creativity and friendship. With beautiful visuals and heartwarming storytelling, Dylan’s Playtime Adventures will captivate audiences and inspire them to unleash their imagination like never before. Wag your tails and let your dreams take flight as Dylan and his friends carry you through a captivating storybook world where the only limit is your imagination!”

- Rich Weston, Director, Brown Bag Films

“Dylan's Playtime Adventures is a warm, funny, and imaginative show that blends modern 3D techniques with a classical 2D touch and approach - the result is a stunning work of art. I am incredibly proud of our talented teams in Toronto, Dublin, and Bali who have successfully brought Guy Parker Rees' book series from page to screen, I can't thank them enough for their hard work and dedication.

With 'Dylan's Playtime Adventures', I believe we have accomplished our mission of creating a living, breathing storybook. I am excited for Dylan to share his playful imagination with the rest of the world.”

-Chris Ramsarran, Director, Brown Bag Films

Dylan's Playtime Adventures was developed in house by 9 Story’s development leads working out of Toronto and Dublin, who poured their heart and soul into producing this wildly imaginative show for young viewers.

Dylan’s Playtime Adventures airs today, Monday, April 1, at 9am EST on the CBC Kids national TV block, with new episodes rolling out every Monday and Wednesday. The first episode features two 11-minute storylines, including ‘Dylan the Firefighter’ where Dylan must come up with a creative solution to help 'unstick’ his fellow firefighter friends, and ‘Dylan the Pizza Delivery Pup’ where Dylan discovers that all his shortcuts seem to transform into cheesy delivery adventures!

Dylan’s Playtime Adventures will also premiere on CBC’s digital video streaming service, CBC Gem, on Friday, April 5, with two episodes dropping every Friday. The series will also make its YouTube debut in Canada this Summer on the CBC Kids YouTube channel.

We can’t wait for kids and families across Canada to embark on this incredible journey into the whimsical and wonderful world of Dylan’s Playtime Adventures, airing now on CBC Kids and streaming April 5 on CBC Gem.

Dylan's Playtime Adventures will also be jumping onto screens across the UK, this Autumn, on CBeebies and CBBC and set to launch in the near future on Cartoonito in the US.

Watch this space for more updates on Dylan's Playtime Adventures coming soon.

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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