Duvet Day in Aid of GOAL #Fundraising

We're delighted to have taken part in a Duvet Day fundraiser for GOAL, that really put focus on the “fun” in “fundraising”!

Duvet Day is a simple and fun event where participating organisations raffle an extra day of Annual Leave (aka a Duvet Day) and the lucky winner receives an extra day's holiday!


We're delighted to have raised just over €1200 for GOAL! And congratulations to our lucky winner, number 87 - Susan Cunningham, who was randomly handpicked by Director David McCamley!

Get your PJ's at the ready :) 

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GOAL is an international aid agency operational in 17 countries, delivering a wide range of humanitarian and development programmes across emergency response, health, child protection and livelihoods. This includes Syria, GOAL’s largest programme, where they have been operational since 2012.

Thanks to the public's support, GOAL can continue to provide for almost 1 million people in Syria whose lives have been devastated by the ongoing conflict in their country, in January alone, GOAL distributed food kits and vouchers to 24,840 households.

While the crisis there continues, GOAL is responding to hidden emergencies in different parts of the world. Ethiopia, for example, is only now beginning to recover from one of the worst droughts in decades, while GOAL continue to deliver aid to tens of thousands of South Sudanese people who have been affected by the ongoing war in their own country. 


For more information on GOAL’s work, visit www.goalglobal.org, you can also keep up to date with them on Twitter and Facebook!

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