Doomhammer Wacom Stylus Holder #3DPrint

Most of the people in Brown Bag have holders for their Wacom stylus. I happened to come across a Pinterest board with some funky Wacom holder designs, one of which included Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, where the stylus acts as the shaft of the hammer. I thought it was such a cool idea I decided to do one of my own. The Warcraft movie was coming up, and we have a lot of Warcraft fans here in Brown Bag, so it seemed apt to do a bit of fan art and go with Orgrim Doomhammer’s weapon, the aptly named… er… Doomhammer.

The 3D sculpting was done over a couple of lunch breaks (that’s what lunch breaks are for, right?), and Art Director Andrew Hamilton kindly offered to do the 3D print of it on his Ultimaker2+ Extended 3D printer. Thanks again Andy!

The 3D model was done and it was time to get it to Andy for printing.


The pen you see inserted into the head was just done for scale reference and also used to cut out the pen nib shape from the main body so the real thing would replace it when it was printed. I had previously hollowed the head out as I had intended to print it using an online printing service, but that proved too costly, and as Andy’s printer doesn’t require that the model be hollow, I reverted to a previous model.


Once the print was done, it just required some very basic sanding down in places, but nothing serious. I took it home and got to painting it that night and 60/90 minutes later, it was done.


I had cut out the stylus shape from the main body, but it still needs a bit of work to get it to sit in tightly, but as it actually functions, I’m not too bothered about that at the moment and will get the drill out to fix it some other day.


The final painted version came out quite well, and I am happy enough with it. In retrospect, the flagstones it’s crashed into are a bit small, if I were to change anything about it, it would be increasing the scale of them.


I'm now considering some other ideas for Wacom stylus holders… if anyone has any ideas they’d like to see, I’d be open to them! You can pop your suggestions in the comments below.


Sean Forsyth

Sean Forsyth is an Art Director

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