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‘Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived’ Features Two Brown Bag Artists

Two of our Manchester-based artists, Assistant Director Cliodhna Lyons and Background Artist Larisa Bumb, have their artwork featured in the highly anticipated book 'Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived – Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords' by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier!

The 224 page book features profiles of 75 women from the history of Doctor Who, with each profile written by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier and accompanied by a stunning full page piece of art. A team of female artists was especially assembled for the project and we're geeking out that two of them are our very own Brown Baggers! We asked them about the project and took a peek at their work in it:

Larisa: I created some fanart for Doctor Who when the new doctor was announced and BBC Worldwide contacted me to feature the pieces in their expo at a con in London which Jodie Whittaker attended! Not too long after that, BBC Books contacted me because they saw my work at that expo and they wanted me to participate on this project. It was all very unexpected but it worked out very well! 

I was always a big Doctor Who fan, and it was just great motivation for celebration seeing the first woman Doctor Who. I love Jodie Whittaker, all her work has been impressive and after seeing a few episodes, I feel she's just mastered her own Doctor.

My pieces in the book were some of the female characters across the series from the first Doctor Who to the present one, including Agatha Christie and Jenny, The Doctor's daughter! 

/images/labs/Doctor_Who-Book-Features-Larisa-Bumb-004.jpg /images/labs/Doctor_Who-Book-Features-Larisa-Bumb-003.jpg /images/labs/Doctor_Who-Book-Features-Larisa-Bumb-001.jpg /images/labs/Doctor_Who-Book-Features-Larisa-Bumb-002.jpg

Cliodhna: This is one of four pieces I contributed to the book and the original pencil sketch for it. I was contacted by an editor from BBC Books as one of the authors had picked up my work at a comic show and listed me as one of the artists they'd like to feature.

I recently took copies of the book to Malta Comic Con. It's an annual comic show in Malta celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year and it was my 5th year attending. I sold out of all the copies of the book I brought with me, which is always great at a show (even more so because they are very big books, so very heavy!). 

A lot of Doctor Who fans attended the show, including several in cosplay, who were excited about the book and the new series. I was also on a panel talking about diversity in comics that briefly touched on the new female Doctor. 

The Irish Embassy in Malta has been awesome in supporting Irish comic artists like myself in attending the show for the past number of years and the Irish ambassador visited on Sunday (and brought us Tayto :D) 

Be sure to get your copy HERE!

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