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Discover the Thrill of Imagineering with Eureka!

Eureka's always tinkering, dreaming, imagining, inventing awesome things!

“Eureka!” is the story of a young girl inventor way ahead of her time. She designs inventions and contraptions in the hopes of making the world a better place and moving her prehistoric community into a more modern era. With the help of her supportive parents, teacher, best friends—Pepper and Barry—and beloved pet mammoth Murphy, Eureka is learning to embrace that she is not ordinary… she's extraordinary.

With Eureka and her friends, challenges turn into big ideas, amazing inventions and the most fascinating and hilarious adventures!

We wanted to share the thrill of imagineering with you, so we've pulled together a few of the awesome tips we've learned from Eureka that have sparked our creative ingenuity:

Think Differently!

In Absoflutely Fabulous, Eureka encourages us to think outside the box, imagine it and believe in it and you'll wow yourself AND others.

True innovation comes from thinking new and different! So “think differently, invent a real sight to see!”

When You Try Something New It Means You're Taking a Risk!

Remember that time Eureka was trying to help her mom's restaurant, but accidentally cracked open a huge cloud of lava steam? We’ve all been there!

Well, with a little pinch of perseverance and a healthy dollop of ingenuity, she thinkered her way to an awesome solution!

As Eureka's mom, Roxy, helps her learn “every stumble, every spill gets you to the answer faster”, and shows her how some of the best solutions come from the very valuable lessons we learn through making a big mistake.

Change Can Be Tricky

When Eureka invents a vehicle to help her friends get to school faster, her classmate Bog doesn't like the change and perfers to stick to walking!

Change can be challenging and Eureka helps us understand that we won't always win people over immediately. And sometimes not ever! But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Adapt and Power Up to the Task at Hand

In Pepper Power, when Eureka was inventing the Slushie Musher of her dreams with her powerful pal Pepper, she realised that sometimes things need a light touch. Pepper worried her power was a little too much to help out!

But Eureka discovered that while being calm and gentle can help us achieve certain things, with a little thinkering, so can force and strength—we just need to use the right amount for the task at hand!

Failing is the Very Best Way to Learn

When Eureka tries to rid her father’s wheel shop of some pesky pteros birds, she employs multiple tactics with no success. It's easy to feel like a failure when things go wrong repeatedly! But her dad Rollo helps her learn that continuous trial and error is a key part of becoming a great inventor—“The only way to know what it takes is to make a whole lot of mistakes!”

After all, to know what's right, you gotta know what's wrong—so keep going after what you're thinkering!

Celebrate Your WINS!

As important as failure and mistakes are to discovery, celebrating and enjoying your wins are equally vital!

Taking time to share the feel-good moments with our friends is an enriching part of the imagineering experience. After all, success isn't always easy, so make sure to appreciate it—especially together!

Now it's your turn to do some imagineeringmake inventions with Eureka and her friends with the help of this fun game! Make an invention to save a mammoth, make a new musical instrument, and something to cover up a crack!

Enjoy more imagineering fun with Eureka on Disney Junior and streaming on Disney+ USA and DisneyNOW.

Anahita Tabarsi

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