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This week's #FanArt Friday comes from one of our Toronto Animation Compositors, Ayan Sengupta, who shares his love of comic books with us! Here he offers a glimpse into one of his favourites, the DC Universe and its biggest Superheros, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash. 

Ayan: I am a huge Comic Book fan, specifically DC Universe, so I primarily do fan art for them. I like big chunks of colours, making them almost like graphic art so if they are ever animated they would be in motion graphics style, compared to standard animation style. Bright vibrant primary colours are what I try to stick to!   

I decided on a different style and mood for each character that I felt closely represented who they are and mostly portraying the energy each character projects.  For instance, Superman is the most graphic as a symbol for hope, whereas Batman is the total opposite, shadowy and dangerous. Wonder Woman represents inspiration, so I decided to make her more animatable with softer, pre-school colours. Then there's The Flash, who is straight up goofy and untraditional, for his process I did a flat line art in vector and then coloured it up in photoshop. 

/images/labs/Superman.jpg /images/labs/Batman.jpg /images/labs/Wonder_Woman_Fan_Art.jpg /images/labs/Flash.jpg

Like what you see? Find more on Ayan's social:

Instagram: @across_images
Twitter: @ayanosphere
Tumblr: ay-animated.tumblr.com
Blogspot: ay-reves.blogspot.com
Portfolio: ayan-folio.blogspot.com

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