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Creating A Beyond Realistic Troll Mask #CostumeDIY #Tutorial

We went behind the scenes with our multi-talented Brown Bag Director, Richard Weston, and got the inside scoop on how he created his INCREDIBLE Troll costume for Halloween this year.

Richard Weston: First up, the sculpt was done in WED clay, and the mold was made from UltraCal. So I basically now have a number of large blocks of cement sitting in my bathroom that I don't know what to do with now.

Step one – The Sculpt

Step 2 – The Finished Head from Mold, ready for Detailing and Painting

Step 3 – The Feet and Hands

The head, hands and feet were cast in silicone and painted with a silicone-based paint.  All the hairs were punched individually.

The outer fabric had to be stained, aged and shredded before piecing it together over a tight fitting muscle/fat suit that I fabricated.

Step 4 – The Accessories

There are two layers underneath the shredded fabric that are sewn together so that the whole thing slides on in one piece, but still allows for the muscle suit to move between the inside layer and the clothing layer.

The head was roughed out and sculpted in about a day, so were the hands but the mold for the hands failed so I had to make them twice!


Step 5 – The Finished TROLL

See more of Rich’s amazing sculpts here!

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