Create a Comic Workshop with Derian House #Recap

Last month, a group of our Manchester artists volunteered to run a 'Create a Comic' workshop for teenagers from Derian House's siblings group!

The youngsters had to devise a story, draw the characters and work as a team to produce a storyboard. Our Manchester Background Artist James Chapman then compiled their work to produce their very own comic. And the result was FANTASTIC!

“Working on the comics with the Derian House kids was a really enjoyable experience. And I found it especially exciting since making silly comics was my way into animation at Brown Bag. It was amazing to see so much creativity coming out from the little prompts we set up, and the final comic is just so silly and fun, the way comics are supposed to be!”

- James Chapman, Background Artist, Brown Bag Manchester

A big thank you to the volunteers who worked hard to make the project a success: Editor Sam Smith, Art Director Giedre Kaveckaite, Background Artist James Chapman, 2D Designer Matt Howorth, Lead Background Artist Katie Barry and Compositor Abi Fairhurst.

Each child received a copy of the comic to share with their friends and family. And you too can flip through the full comic below!

/images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-001.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-002.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-003.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-004.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-005.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-006.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-007.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-008.jpg /images/labs/DerianHouse_Comic-009.jpg

Derian House provides respite and care for children and young people with life limiting or life shortening conditions. For more information on the work they do or to see how you can help please visit:

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