Crabby 3D Printing Process #TroubleInParadise

We recently got our hands on a 3d printer and couldn't help ourselves when we had the idea of printing up Crabby, the lead character in our new series Trouble In Paradise. The little fella was perfect for it!

We brought Crabby into ZBrush, cut him in two (don't worry, no crabs were hurt in the making of this), and printed both parts, which we reassembled once he was printed and painted up. As you can see, we decided to print him using white resin this time. No particular reason, it was more just to see what he'd look like. 

When we opened the printer, this is what we were greeted with - Crabby, clutching on for dear life!


So first off, we had to remove Crabby's 3D printed parts from the tray - we printed him in two parts, the main body and the top shell. Once that was done, we needed to remove all the little supports attached, which you can see in the picture below.


These supports were snipped off with a little snipping tool, before he got dipped in a bath of Methanol for 20 minutes, and was then ready to paint.


We kept him in two parts in prepartion for the final phase of painting, after which we glued the pieces together.


You can view the painting process which was done by our Assistant Art Director Andrew Hamilton here!

Here you can see Crabby fully painted and set on a little sandy mount!


We think (and hope you'll agree) he came out great and we're really pleased with him, he's one of our cutest 3D prints to date!


Stay posted for more 3D Printing updates coming soon!


Sean Forsyth

Sean Forsyth is an Art Director

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