CoderDojo Coolest Projects Winner #StudioTour

Last week, we had CoderDojo Coolest Projects winner Niamh Scanlon in the studio!

Niamh was awarded for in the app category for her app: Recharge My eCar!


We gave her a tour around the studio and got her chatting to our R&D and I.T. gurus.


Niamh and her brother Liam tested out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset!


/images/labs/Oculus_Rift_5.JPG /images/labs/Niamh_5.JPG /images/labs/Oculus_Rift_3.JPG /images/labs/Oculus_Rift_4.JPG /images/labs/Oculus_Rift_8.JPG

They also tried out the DIY Google Cardboard app headset and were pretty impressed!


/images/labs/cardboard_4.JPG /images/labs/Cardboard_2.JPG /images/labs/cardboard_3.JPG

Niamh prepares for future awards after chatting with Emmy winning Peter Rabbit Storyboard Supervisor Mårten Jönmark!



We're sure to see more from the uber-talented Niamh - and we CAN'T wait to see what big things come from her next!




You can check out the full list of Coolest Projects winners here.



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