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  • Posted by Anahita Tabarsi on June 19 2018

Need some help getting that script together?


FNI are hosting 6 days of workshops with director, screenwriter, composer and consultant, Ip Wischin, starting Sunday 24th June for people aspiring to write film and TV in Ireland. The series of workshops, “Think outside the Box”, will work through the process of decision making for both writers and directors.

Check out the breakdown of the workshops below:

Introductory Workshop - The Basics of Decision Making in Film

Sunday 24th 2pm-7pm 


For attending the following courses attendance at Sunday-Introductory-Workshop is required (except Dublin Ipsters)

Tools for Decision Making When Writing or On the Set 

(in-depth conflict map, thingie scene, think negative etc)

Monday 25th 6pm - 9pm 


Decision Making for Directors, Cinematographers and Editors

(technical stuff like functional rules for editing and composing images)

Wednesday 27th 6pm - 9pm 


Decision Making When Turning Story into Plot  

(without using formulas, plot points and paradigms) for writers

Thursday 28th 6pm - 9pm 


Decision Making for Writing Movie Dialogue and Creating Characters for Writers

Friday 29th 6pm - 9pm 


Writing a Treatment from Scratch

group effort, sums the whole week up

Saturday 30th hands-on workshop 10am - 7pm 


Workshops all take place at  A4 Sounds Studio, Saint Joseph's Parade, Dublin.

For more information and to book your tickets, please visit:

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