Chivalry is Dead #StaffPick

Looking for a short animation to watch? Check out today's #StaffPick, 'Chivalry is Dead', a vibrant and cheeky tale of a famous, buff knight who lets down his guard...

Created by Renos Kontaris, Paris Taylor-Jones, Örs Bárczy, Meren Imchen, Nikos Karydas and Daniel Seager as part of their 12-week Masters Project at the NCCA Bournemouth University MA 3D Computer Animation course. With music and sound design by Paminos Kyriazis.

Gather round ladies and gentlefolk, to hear the tale of Sir Moros, the buffest knight in the Kingdom. On a quest to find what lies at the end of a mysterious treasure map, Sir Moros is sure to succeed. He is renowned amongst his fellow knights and to all in the land, famous for his incomparable strength and ultra-tight breeches. Despite all of his fame and glory, he has one unfortunate weakness…

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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