Celebrating Academy Week

Last week, we celebrated 'Academy Week' in our Dublin studio! The Academy supports our employees to expand their knowledge and skills by supplying them with the tools, guidance and the tutelage needed.

Academy Week was all about highlighting this support and getting staff involved. We chatted with Learning & Development Manager, Ruth McElhone, who spearheads The Academy, to get the low down!

Ruth: The Academy is our internal online learning platform. We use The Academy to run some of our Brown Bag Films Learning and Development programs such as the Induction & On-boarding program, the Management Program and the Brown Bag Films Explorer program, which assists our creatives in learning about the functions of some of the other roles within the studio. 

Last week, we hosted an Academy Week celebration to encourage more of our staff to make use of this great online learning resource.

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Thanks to all who completed the tasks and challenges during the week! We also had a fabulous afternoon tea to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and contributions. 


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