CBeebies Playtime App: Octonauts Cadet Training

OCTONAUTS, to your stations!

The BBC launched their CBeebies Playtime app yesterday  - bringing the Octonauts as well as other favourite characters - Alphablocks, Tree Fu Tom and Something Special - to your tablet screen.

Join Capatin Barnacles in the Octonaut Cadet Training and help the team rescue rescue sea creatures who’ve gotten themselves in a in trouble.

Playtime is highly interactive and incorporates touch, voice and motion features to engage and entertain kids. The app allows up to four users - with personalized profiles, rich colours and great sound interaction and animation - bringing the same quality of favourite shows to tablet screens.

Playtime is closed, with no in-app purchasing or open external linking, and is entirely ad-free.

Better again, it's entirely FREE and available in s free on Google Play, iTunes and Kindle Appstore.

Go get your hands on a copy!

David Maybury

David works at Brown Bag Films and occasionally eats cake, lots and lots of cake.

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