Cake and Doodle: Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde #Sketch

Our Manchester based Background Artist Kirsten Shiel and Character Designer Finbar Coyle have set up their own weekly sketch meetup called Cake and Doodle which, as you can guess, involves delicious treats and doodling, two of our very favourite things!

The Cake and Doodle gang meet every Wednesday in a café to sketch and share their work over a coffee and some cake with a new topic set by Finbar and Kirsten every two weeks.


The topic in their most recent, Halloween-themed, session was the aptly spooky Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and they created this reference sheet to help inspire them:


Check out some of their designs below:


Cake and Doodle sketch from Background Artist Kirsten Shiel:


Cake and Doodle sketch from Character Designer Finbar Coyle:


Cake and Doodle sketch from Animator Saeed Rezvani:


Cake and Doodle sketch from Sroryboard Revisionist Denzel DeMeerleer:


If you missed last week's session, be sure to check out Cake and Doodle: Ancient Egypt.

Check in again for more sketches from Cake and Doodle, the next topic is Dracula!


You can also see more from the Cake and Doodle gang on their Facebook page: Cake and Doodle


Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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