Bookbag Launch at St. Eithne’s GNS!

We launched Bookbag at St. Eithne’s GNS today!

And it was EPIC!

St. Eithne's GNS, a Senior Girls National School based in Edenmore in Dublin 5, marks our third year rolling out the Bookbag project! The school has roughly 120 students in total, with girls ranging in ages from seven to twelve. 

This years curated booklist theme was ‘Go Girl’, aimed to inspire, educate and encourage the girls to reach their full potential, and Bookbag supplied hundreds of books under this theme to their school library.

/images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_05.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_07.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_06.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_04.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_03.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_12.jpg

We kicked off the launch with our artists doodling portraits of eachother.

/images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_08.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_09.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_11.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_14.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_10.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_13.jpg

We then had an amazing 'Go Girl Doodle' where all the girls were partnered up to draw their friends portrait - check out the EPIC artwork! Some mega talent in this bunch:

/images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_23.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_36.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_26.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_30.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_27.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_25.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_24.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_28.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_29.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_31.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_33.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_32.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_34.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_35.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_21.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_20.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_22.jpg

In addition to the books for the school library, each student received their own book to keep. These books were chosen from Children’s Books Ireland’s annual Inis Reading Guides and were voted on by the students themselves at St. Eithne’s!

/images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_16.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_18.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_17.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_19.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_15.jpg

Everyone then formed a human chain to deliver the books to the school library! 

/images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_38.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_39.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_40.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_41.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_42.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_43.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_44.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_45.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_46.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_47.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_48.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_49.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_50.jpg /images/labs/Bookbag_Launch_St_Eithnes_51.jpg

Thanks to all the teachers, parents and kids for making it such a spectacular launch! 


Special thanks to Niamh Sharkey, Elaina Ryan, our Brown Bag volunteers and the fabulous gang from Children's Books Ireland.

Bookbag is a joint initiative of Brown Bag Films and Children’s Books Ireland delivered by Children’s Books Ireland.

Bookbag was initiated by picture book-maker Niamh Sharkey during her term as Laureate na nÓg (2012–2014). Niamh campaigned throughout her tenure for a universal book-gifting scheme, which would ensure that every baby born in Ireland receives the gift of a book in their first year of life. For more info on Bookbag, please visit: Bookbag

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