Bing Baking App Out Now!

Fresh from the oven Bing’s FIRST EVER app is here!

Bing Baking is the new app from Acamar Films - now for the first time, your little Bingster can be part of Bing’s colourful and playful world by joining him and Flop in their kitchen for a joyful, fun and messy baking experience!

In this child-friendly, super-creative app, your Bingster will get the chance to make and decorate a new batch of biscuits each time they play.

They can roll the dough or squidge it with their hands, using an array of cutters to make different shapes.

Once their biscuits are decorated, they can be popped in the oven but you’ll need to keep an eye on Chicky Timer to make sure the biscuits don’t burn. If they do, it’s no big thing – you might not be able to eat them but you can still decorate them.

Don’t forget to tap on the camera to take a snapshot of your yummy delicious treats before you and Bing sit down to eat them together. Nom, nom, nom!

Download from the App Store here!'s a Bing thing!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Media Coordinator and designated photographer.

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