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Every Thursday we're opening the studio doors and answering all of your questions. Technical, industry, fandom or otherwise - drop your question in the comments below - and we'll hop to it. (We're fielding Q's on Facebook, Twitter and G+ too, if that's easier!)

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Question of the day from Tommie Lehane!

Well, we haven't any brown envelopes in stock to compare our brown bags to but here's a pic against a white one! ;)

Next up we have Tony Doherty:

Thanks for your question Tony, we passed this one onto our I.T. god and tech guru, John Kennon, who responded:

We have a mix of dedicated render nodes and workstations that join the render farm out-of-hours – up to 45 machines being on the farm at any one time.

The video cards in the workstations are mainly nVidia Quadro 4000s and ATI Firepro W7000s (with a few server blades contributing CPU time and processing power).

Anahita Tabarsi

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