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TopTip - Animation Apps for Kids

We got a question in via Stephen Prior on Twitter on what apps or games we would recommend to young children interested in learning animation.

We put the question out to our artists, here's what they had to say:

Anabela Faria (FX Artist): If the kids have a Nintendo DS, Flipnote Studio is a really cool game for playing around with 2D animation.

Pixar in a Box has some great educational material for older kids/teens but even really young kids can still play around with the tools they have included in the course.

Check out their Animation course to learn the basics of animation!

Igor Donevski (CG Supervisor): My kids are using FlipaClip on Android and AnimationDesk on iOS. Both are great apps for animating your own cartoons!

Other than that, any mobile or tablet camera and a stop-motion app works great.

Suneeth Sreekumar (Pipeline TD): Toontastic 3D from Google is great fun for young kids.

There you have it!

Got any favourite animation apps? Pop them in the comments below!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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