Angela’s Christmas Screening Launches Fantastic Flix 2018

We were very pleased to have a special preview screening of Angela's Christmas launch the Audi Dublin International Film Festival's 2018 Fantastic Flix children’s programme!

The screening took place in the Lighthouse Cinema on Saturday 2nd December with a Q&A session afterwards with Brown Bag Films Creative Director Darragh O'Connell, Director Damien O'Connor, and Lucy O'Connell (of Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea) who voices Angela.

/images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_ADIFF_Screening_06.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_ADIFF_Screening_01.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_ADIFF_Screening_09.jpg

Check out some more snaps from the red carpet:

/images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_2.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_3.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_9.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_7.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_24.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_20.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_19.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_18.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_23.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_22.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_21.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_10.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_11.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_12.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_16.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_17.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_13.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_4.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_5.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_6.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_8.jpg /images/labs/Angelas_Christmas_1.jpg

The full Fantastic Flix programme has now been announced and is on sale at

Check out the full Press Release from ADIFF here.

Anahita Tabarsi

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