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A Spooktacular Vampirina HalloVeen Playlist!

Ready for a spooktacular HalloVeen, fang-tastic friends? Well, we've got just the thing—an extra special, spooky playlist courtesy of our very own Vampirina!

And we're sure you'll agree, Vee's got a forte for ghoulish fun and terror-ific tunes!

Join us now and HIT PLAY on the ultimate HalloVeen playlist!

It's HalloVeen | Music Video | Disney Junior

This HalloVeen party is going to be a scream!

Hauntly Halloween Party

Vampirina and her family love to celebrate all things spooky! But can their neighbours handle a hauntly halloween?

Vampirina's Double Trouble Halloween

Vampirina has to decide between trick or treating in Pennsylvania with her dad or going to a party in Transylvania with her mom!

Trick or Treat | Music Video

Vampirina and her monster friends decide to participate in Halloween as themselves! Cause that's how monsters trick or treat!

The Perfect Pumpkin | Music Video

Vee's mom helps her plant the perfect monster pumpkin!

How a House Gets Haunted | Music Video

Demi and Gregoria give the best tips on how to make a house haunted!

The Creepy Beat | Music Video | The Ghoul Girls

Using the fun spooky sounds of creaks, stomps and howls, the Ghoul Girls jam out to a song that combines them all together!

Zombie Bop | Music Video | The Ghoul Girls

With the help of some dancing zombies, the Ghoul Girls teach everyone how to do the new dance craze: the Zombie Bop!

Oops! Got Scared Again | Music Video | The Ghoul Girls

Bridget takes the lead as everyone sings about the silly things that can sometimes be scary. But something Bridget will never be scared of is performing with her friends!

Scary Good | Music Video

Demi and Gregoria show you how to be scary!

SpineChiller Dance-Along!

It's time to join in and dance-along with Vampirina! Get involved and learn all the moves to the SpineChiller dance!

Season 2's Spookiest Songs

Enjoy this compilation of some of the spookiest songs from season 2!

How to Spot a Vampire | Music Video

Grab your magnifying glass and start looking for clues! Vee asks her parents how to spot a vampire!

Ghostly Host | Music Video

Vee wants to show that she's the best ghostly host at the Scare B&B!

You can watch all three seasons of Vampirina on Disney Junior, the DisneyNOW app and Disney Plus.

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