Art Jam: Dublin, Manchester & Toronto Edition

It's Art Jam time!

Which means we've got another great roundup of art jammy goodness from our studios and this edition has a whopping triple serving as we look at our Dublin, Manchester and Toronto studio October Art Jams. Enough to satisfy any creative appetite!

First up, our Dublin studio ventured deep into the woods for their theme of 'Fantastical Creatures', which resulted in some truly magical pieces.

/images/labs/The-Chase-Art-Jam-Gavin-O-Donnell-001.jpg 'The Chase' by Gavin O'Donnell /images/labs/The-Brave-Patient-Art-Jam-Anna-001.jpg 'The Brave Patient' by Anna Margiotta /images/labs/The-Dragon-of-the-holy-grail-Francesca-Fracassi--001.jpg 'The Dragon of the Holy Grail' by Francesca Fracassi /images/labs/Sword-tongue-dragon-Art-Jam-Ste-001.jpg 'Sword Tongue Dragon' by Stephen O'Connor /images/labs/fantastical-Creatures-Art-Jam-002.jpg 'Fantastical Creatures' by Barry O'Donoghue /images/labs/Dark-Crystal-Art-Jam-Danny-01.jpg 'Dark Crystal Creature' by Danny Shiels /images/labs/Good-men-are-hard-to-find-art-jam-Ivan-001.jpg 'Good Men Are Hard To Find' by Ivan van den Heever /images/labs/Autum-Stroll-Art-Jam-Declan-001.jpg 'Autumn Stroll' by Declan O'Connor

The winning entry was the beautiful 'The Dragon of the Holy Grail' by Texture Artist, Francesca Fracassi!

'The Dragon of the Holy Grail' by Francesca Fracassi
'The Dragon of the Holy Grail' by Francesca Fracassi

Our Manchester Art Jam challenge for October was to create artwork on the theme ​'Frankenstein's Monster'.

And we got some monster-ific interpretations!

/images/labs/Frank-October-Art-Jam-004.jpg 'FRANK' by Paul Johnson /images/labs/Frankie-October-Art-Jam-003.jpg 'Frankie' by Lisa Hayward /images/labs/Frank-e-Stein-October-Art-Jam-001.jpg 'Frank E. Stein' by Catherine Egan /images/labs/Frankenstein-Davide-October-Art-Jam-002_650_650.jpg 'Frankenstein's Monster' by Davide Lai

Sadly, there could only be one winner and the deserving participant this month was 2D Animator, Davide Lai!

/images/labs/winner-Frankenstein-Davide-Lai-October-Art-Jam-002_650_488.jpg /images/labs/Frankenstein-Davide-October-Art-Jam-002_650_650.jpg 'Frankenstein's Monster' by Davide Lai

Davide won some great prizes including a copy of 'The Art of Missing Link' and a black-paper sketchbook!

And finally, we've got the frighteningly good submissions from our Toronto Art Jam which had the theme of 'Scary'!

/images/labs/MeganLeonard_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Smashing Pumpkins' by Megan Leonard /images/labs/Adamo_Lupusella-Toronto-ArtJam.jpg By Adamo Lupusella /images/labs/MeganLeonard_Toronto-ArtJam-002.jpg 'Ghost' by Megan Leonard /images/labs/Art-Jam-Toronto-001.jpg 'Miniature Haunted House' by Annette Bede-Fazekas /images/labs/Diane_Aarts_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Rat' by Diane Aarts /images/labs/ArtJam_Scary_Justine_Howard-Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Yes, Bean - You're Very Scary, Too.' by Justine Howard /images/labs/Julia_Tian_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Sweet!' by Julia Tian /images/labs/Jing_He_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Hayaka' by Jing He /images/labs/Kostadino_Ketsilis_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Bait' by Kostadino Ketsilis /images/labs/Samantha_Ma_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Our Nocturne' by Sam Ma /images/labs/Art_Jam_Scary_Mathew_Jacob-Toronto-ArtJam-002.jpg 'Boo!' by Matthew Jacob /images/labs/Art_Jam_Scary_Mathew_Jacob_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Boo!' by Matthew Jacob /images/labs/ArtJam_Scary_Justin_Salgado-Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Inner Demons' by Justin Salgado /images/labs/NickEtherton_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Oni Mask' by Nick Etherton /images/labs/Elisa_AlmeidaUcci_Toronto-ArtJam.jpg 'Sheep in wolf's clothes' by Elisa Almeida Ucci

Our winner this month was Annette Bede-Fazekas, whose winning piece “Miniature Haunted House” was our FIRST ever sculpture submitted to the art jam! It's so good it's scary!

/images/labs/annette_bedefazekas_Toronto-ArtJam-002.jpg /images/labs/Art-Jam-Toronto-001.jpg 'Miniature Haunted House' by Annette Bede-Fazekas

“I’ve always been inspired by dollhouse makers. Being into miniatures myself, I’ve been wanting to make my own miniature version of a dollhouse. Incorporating it with a scary theme and Halloween miniatures seemed like a fun challenge!

As for processes and techniques, as this is the first time I've attempted something like this, I got to experiment with a lot of new techniques and materials I haven't before. I've made miniature ghosts and pumpkins before, but creating a setting for them was a new venture. Most of the house is made from reused bits and pieces of scrap wood and paper, materials I don't use that often in my art. I also tried something new that I have always wanted to incorporate into my miniatures, an LED light in the fireplace to emulate realistic lighting on a smaller scale. Overall it was a fun project, and I'm glad it was well received!”

- Annette Bede Fazekas

Congrats to all our October Art Jam artists. Another month of superb work.

Join us again soon for more Jammy goodness!


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