3D Print Model Painting of Crabby from Trouble In Paradise

We've set about playing around with our snazzy 3D printer - check out what we've done with our first 3D print of Crabby from Trouble In Paradise! Assistant Art Director Andrew Hamilton takes us through the painting process below:


So I started this paint process by gathering reference images of Crabby, the lead character in Trouble In Paradise. These included his texture maps which were brilliant reference. 

Next step was to ensure a good surface to receive paint, so I gave the model a gentle wash in soapy water to remove any residue from the 3D printing process. After leaving him to dry, I then gave him several thin layers of white primer spray. This primer bonds itself to the plastic and prevents the paint chipping off later. The white color also makes a perfect base for bright colors like orange.



After that I began airbrushing thin coats of acrylic oranges and yellows all over the model, applying darker tones in the cracks and recesses.  


Once happy with the general basecoat I began adding detail, painting in the dark part of his undershell, and using a brighter cream color on a wiry old brush to add the bright areas on his joints and shell edges. 


Using a detail paintbrush I roughly painted the pattern on his back and then used thin layers of the airbrush to blend it better into his shell, and also to fade the edges away.



After that, the final thing was to paint the eyes a nice bright white with blue irises and add a gloss varnish to the eyes to make them stand out.



And there you have it - a fully painted 3D print model of our very own Crabby from Trouble In Paradise!




/images/labs/Crabby_2.jpg /images/labs/Crabby_1.jpg /images/labs/Crabby_3.jpg

Here's a snap of the Crabby 3D print gang - Trouble In Paradise creator Shane Collins, Crabby model painter Andrew Hamilton and 3D Print guru Sean Forsyth:


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*Health and safety note - Please use a respirator when airbrushing, even water based paints can damage your lungs when in vapour form*


Andrew Hamilton

Andrew is Art Director on Doc McStuffins- see his work at [url="http://andrewhamiltoncreations.blogspot.ie/"] Andrew Hamilton Creations[/url]


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