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2D Design Challenge #DogsWithJobs

Earlier this year we introduced you all to some of our awesome Manchester studio 2D Designers and showed you a selection of the great artwork they do as part of their biweekly 2D Design Challenge.

The challenge is something our Manchester artists came up with to keep their creative juices flowing. Each month the winning artist from the previous month selects a topic and designers submit designs based on that topic. 

“The challenges give us the opportunity to work on themes and concepts we might not get to do day-to-day in studio, and with each other picking different topics, we end up drawing things we might never pick for ourselves. It’s also really cool to see the different designs we each come up with.''

- Matthew Howorth, 2D Designer

2D Designer Matt Howorth

This month our 2D Design Challenge topic is: “Dogs with Jobs”.

Here's what our designers have come up with for this challenge:

And now we're inviting YOU to take part!

How to get involved:

- Create your very own 2D design based on the theme “Dogs with Jobs”

- Post your artwork on Instagram or Instastories and tag us @BrownBagFilms and use the hashtag #DogsWithJobs so we can see your awesome creations!

You can keep an eye out for 2D Design Challenge artwork on our Instagram, as we'll be reposting and sharing across our Instastories.

And you can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated on all the latest news from around our studios.

Now, start SKETCHING!

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