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@pinot no problem - great vines!
11:09 AM - 23 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
Vine artist @pinot has a knack for jumping between live action & animation. Check out our #Vine choice of the day: bit.ly/1kT7Gwf
10:47 AM - 23 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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Our Octonauts blog posts continue to receive comments every day from parents of Octonauts fans (and sometimes the kids themselves!), desperate for toys, DVDs and other goodies. We don’t have a DVD release date yet but promise we will let you know as soon as we hear. As for the official toys, stand by for the amazing Octonauts toy range coming this August from Fisher Price. We can’t wait to get our hands on an Octopod!

In the meantime; loads of mums, dads, grandparents, aunties and kids have been making their own Octonauts toys, costumes, art, cakes and goodies. We’ve been blown away by the incredible creativity shown by these talented fans. It’s been fantastic to read all about the Octonauts-themed birthday parties and homemade presents. A few Octo-fans have even transformed their bedrooms into underwater worlds!

Here are some of  the great home-made Octo-goodies that have been shared on Octonauts creators Meomi’s Octonauts Facebook and the Octonauts TV Facebook. We hope they inspire you to create your own cool toys while waiting for the official ones.

And please post them for us - they make our day! :)





Cute little guys! Looks like their fun to make~

17 May 2011 by Erik

You certainly have some very creative fans!

8 June 2011 by Erik

Amazing these Octonauts are becoming the next big thing. I have a 3 and ahalf old boy and he is mad over them.
Fantastic work Guys

2 August 2011 by Georgie

I love the Octonauts.

13 September 2012 by sophie

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