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@YvSweeney @TheArkDublin Your welcome! We love seeing the creativity of aspiring young animators :)
3:21 PM - 29 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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The time has finally arrived when we get to share The Octonauts with the wider world! Our latest TV series launches on BBC’s CBeebies and BBC HD channels from next Monday, 4th October.

  The Octonauts

Kwaazi, Barnacles & Peso!

The Octonauts invites children to take the plunge and go on an exciting voyage of discovery through the world’s oceans this autumn. Splashing onto CBeebies from Monday 4 October, The Octonauts are a new band of heroes who patrol the oceans and have thrilling adventures underwater.

Produced in Dublin by Brown Bag Films for children’s entertainment provider Chorion, the 52 eleven minute episodes are based on the richly imaginative books by design team, Meomi. Created in HD, The Octonauts combines classic team adventure with dazzling CGI animation to transport children to a deep underwater world they don’t normally visit.

“This has been the most technically challenging show that Brown Bag Films has produced to date”, says director Darragh O’Connell. “We have had an amazingly talented crew working around the clock for the last 18 months to create this wonderful series, and I think it’s going to set a new bar for kids TV animation.”


  The Octopod

The Octopod

The Octonauts features a team of deep-sea heroes including the dashing Captain Barnacles Bear, swashbuckling Lieutenant Kwazii Cat, and their fresh-faced medic Peso Penguin. Stationed in their impressive home base, the Octopod, The Octonauts are ready to dive into action whenever there is trouble underwater. Using their fleet of aquatic vehicles they rescue sea creatures, explore new underwater worlds and triumphantly save the oceans from danger – all in a day’s rather wet work!

“I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved and I can’t wait for our young audiences to share in the adventure, thrills and laughs”, says Darragh.

CBeebies will screen The Octonauts daily at 4:50pm on weekdays, with a repeat the following morning at 8:00am. The BBC HD channel will also screen the show on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm.

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Hi, do you know when the Remipede episode will be on? Thanks. Myles

30 September 2010 by Myles

Hi Myles, ‘Remipedes’ will air on October 14th at 4:50pm, with a repeat on October 15th at 8:00am.

1 October 2010 by Jennie

Congratulations on your launch! My family has been waiting for this show for a year now, we love all the books and we’re aching, yes aching for the day we’ll be able to watch the show somehow in the US.

6 October 2010 by Steve

Thank you Steve! We will be sure to keep everyone posted on the blog when we know more about the US launch!

6 October 2010 by Jennie

Thanks Jennie

7 October 2010 by Myles

My family love the Octonauts….what is the great title music?  Is it available?

Many thanks

9 November 2010 by Lisa B

Hi Lisa, glad your family enjoys the show! The title music was composed by the very talented Darren Hendley, who has scored many of our animated series. No news yet of when it will be available, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted here on our blog.

9 November 2010 by Jennie

My 4 year old son & I absolutely love the Octonauts, well done on such a fab creation.  Will certainly be buying the books &  we are hoping (OK I mean I) for some Octonaut related merchandise.

9 November 2010 by Sarah

My son, who is nearly 2 is absolutely fixated with the Octonauts. He doesn’t understand what is going on, however, as soon as he hears the theme tune he rushes into the dining room to watch and absolutely loves it!

12 November 2010 by Marie

What a beautiful series. My 3 year old daughter finds this utterly rivoting, she even laughs at the jokes, knows all the episodes so far and loves telling me who everyone is. I have to record them as 11 mins is not enough! Off to find more info on books and mechandise LETS DO THIS. Congrats.

14 December 2010 by emma

Hi, my almost 3 year old girl loves the Octonauts, she’s Peso the medic most days now! (In fact I’m drawing Captain Barnacles on her megasketcher as we speak!) I love that we’re both learning about sealife too.
I hope you don’t mind me saying that I feel a little disappointed about the female role models for my daughter though. I guess that the ratio of 2 female to 5 male characters is from the Miamo books(is Tweak a girl? I’m guessing from the pink headband that she might be?), but the only time I’ve seen Dashi outside of the ship or central to a storyline so far has been when she was being rescued!
It would be great to see the female characters using their skills to help with the rescues, and being part of the seawater team rather than always staying at home.
Quite possibly I’ve just not seen enough yet, I do apologise if you’ve already addressed this! I have’t read the books either, and I appreciate that they must be much loved and you have to keep to the world that was created there (although I’ve read in reviews that the creatures in the books are more make believe?)
Thanks again for a fantastic and much loved series.. I think we might make an octopod this afternoon! :o)

19 February 2011 by Lisa

Hi Everyone.
Thanks for the great comments & feedback.

Lisa, thanks for your comment about the female characters. Managing 8 characters on a show is a big job, and originally Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso emerged as our central heroes & the three characters that most of the stories were about.  Dashi and Tweak went on a few missions in Season 1 – as many as Shellington (a boy!) and Tunip (neither a boy nor a girl!). The Octonauts would be incapable of completing any missions were it not for Dashi’s help with IT and plotting courses, and Tweak’s mechanical abilities in creating and repairing the machines.

Having said that, since the show has aired on TV we have seen how much people love not only the 3 heroes but all of the Octonauts. We’ve seen loads of great pictures, costumes and even birthday cakes from fans featuring Tweak and Dashi. We’ve just started development on Season 2 and will be sure to bring these points up with the team. Rest assured that the whole crew – boys and girls – will get plenty of action in Season 2.
Keep watching!

23 February 2011 by Darragh

I would just like to echo Lisa’s comments - my 3 year old daughter loves Octonauts and it is a brilliant show in every way, apart from the poor gender balance in the storylines. Poor Dashi only seems to get to open the Octo-hatch and ‘tut’ when the boys trash the Gups!  Otherwise keep up the fantastic work - the Blob Fish episode is a comedy classic.

6 March 2011 by Sean

My 2 year old daughter loves Peso, my 4 year old son loves Kwazii, and we all love Octonauts.  As well as the great theme tune, some episodes have some almost reggae-sounding incidental music that’s grabbed me - what is it?

24 March 2011 by Mark Smith

I too would like to echo Lisa and Sean’s thoughts. This show is a spectacular achievement, easily the best children’s show on tv. But I must sound the Octoalert on the shortage of female roles.  The back-seat role of Dashi and Tweak is not easily changed but does every animal we meet in the ocean have to be male? It gives me a pang of disappointment every time a new creature opens it’s mouth, especially as an all-male ecosystem kind of dents the show’s terrific educational value. My 3 year old identified an oarfish on a poster the other day!! We’re off to an Octonauts party next week and I think I’m just as excited as she is. Only problem is she’s torn between going as Dashi the girl or Peso ask active character). You see the dilemma?

17 May 2011 by Ruth wood

i love Octonauts!! what prog did you use to make it in please?

2 June 2011 by caroline

Hi there

We love the Octonauts so much in our house, especially the 30 minute specials. Any plans for more of those longer episodes?

15 February 2012 by Hector

I love the Octonauts series, and echoing Hector’s thoughts, I too would like to see longer episodes. I also agree with Lisa and Sean. The female characters rarely play a main role in any episodes, with small exceptions when Dashi gets rescued from a whale shark and Tweak’s friend Sandy needs help. Any ideas for including them more?

18 June 2012 by Caitlin

Honestly isn’t it sufficient that tweak is a female engineer with the ability to create the gups and drive them better than anyone else?

4 November 2012 by Inklingsgal

Hello, I am a massive fan of the Octonauts, it is the only thing that my husband and I will happily sit and watch with them. There are some lovely funny moments, the animation is beautiful, the storylines are great and it’s obviously very educational as my four and five year olds (boys) tell me key things about the animals on a daily basis. The gender balance is fine really, in the new series it seems like Dashi and Tweak have bigger roles, whether intentional (based on comments) or not, I think the new series is even better (and dare I say it, more nail-biting) than the last! My kids have all the gaps and octopod however I would like to see more merchandise with either the full team or in particular with Dashi included. My 5 year old loves Dashi best but we can’t buy a plush one or find a t-shirt with her on it anywhere! Aside from that, again, nothing but praise for a truly excellent show!

27 November 2012 by Fanofquasi

Thanks so much, FanofQuasi - really glad that you’re enjoying the second series. We’ve got some great episodes coming up that I hope your boys will love, and Dashi and Tweak definitely have more screen time too. We listened to all the feedback on Series 1 and know these character are both big hits with Octofans. We will find out the plans for new Dashi toys and you’ll get all the news here and on our Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/brownbagfilms Thank.s again!

29 November 2012 by Jennie Stacey

Do you know what has happened to season 2, I thought there would be more than 10 episodes but it seam to have stopped on CBeebies. Are there more to come? Will there be a Christmas Special. My son and I are really enjoying the new series and can’t wait for more.

3 December 2012 by Graham Cochrane

I’d echo what Graham says. My sons love Octonauts, but series 2 seems to have finished after it’s barely begun.

Are there any more episodes in the pipeline, and if so how many?

12 December 2012 by Pete

Hi Graham and Pete,
There are loads more new episodes coming early in the New Year (We’re getting them made as fast as we can!). We’ll post on our facebook.com/brownbagfilms as soon as we know the exact air dates. In the meantime, there’s a brand new special airing at 4:30pm on New Year’s Day that we hope your sons will love - it’s a fantastic adventure and we can’t wait for everyone to see it!

12 December 2012 by Jennie Stacey

The Octonauts are simply fantastic! I’m 14 and I can’t stop gushing to my friends(who think I am insane for being addicted to a show geared for younger ages) about how this by by far the best thing sincesliced bread. I just love how they all work together in a way a lot of us should. Can’t wait for season 2 to air in the US. Any idea on when that will be?

22 December 2012 by Anissa

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