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The Octonauts are now a daily fixture on BBC’s CBeebies, and judging by the comments on our blog the show already has some die-hard fans! Thanks for your feedback everyone, it is always appreciated.

Budding Octonauts can now take on their own undersea mission on the games at TheOctonauts.com.
Octonauts website

Also check out CBeebies’ Octonauts website , where you’ll find episodes, Octonauts colour-in pages, and Creature Reports videos.

Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for creating such a fantastic show! My four year old son is absolutely enchanted by both the stories and the characters and talks about it all the time. At the end of each episode he then comes in and gives me a rundown of what the problem was and how they solved it. It’s really caught his imagination, so much so that in the absence of any DVD’s or toys, I’ve printed and mounted all the characters on card and painted a big underwater backdrop for him to re-create stories. Err,so my message is hurry up with the merchandise, there is only so much us amateurs can do!

10 November 2010 by Lucy A

Thanks for passing along the site… This is certainly worth the stop.

12 November 2010 by Erik L.

Thanks for stopping by Lucy - it’s great that your son is such a fan, and fantastic that you’ve been so creative with the Octonauts art! Unfortunately the toy range won’t be in stores until later next year, but we’ll keep you posted if it comes out any sooner.

16 November 2010 by Jennie

I loooooooooooooove octonauts videos,coloring in pages,games and lots more more!?! that means more for me. yipe you.horay!


26 November 2010 by lucy

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