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The @IrishFilmBoard have announced this year's Frameworks projects: bit.ly/1oeml5e We're looking forward to seeing them next year!
6:07 PM - 31 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
Check out the inspiring work of Concept Artist Ryan Church: bit.ly/1n73E3c His immersive worlds are captivating! #DailyInspiration
4:51 PM - 31 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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Check out the latest interview with Director/Producer/Co-Founder at Brown Bag Films Darragh O'Connell on Flipped, the animation podcast run by Brown Bagger Megan McMahon and Aidan McAteer.

Darragh has worked on some incredible projects, including Give Up Yer Aul SIns, Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty, and 23 Degrees 5 Minutes.

The interview covers everything from Geography class doodles,...

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Darragh O’Connell has been blogging all through the production of his new short film, ‘23 Degrees 5 Minutes’, and now we can finally show you the teaser trailer!

‘23 Degrees 5 Minutes’ is Brown Bag’s first short film since Nicky Phelan’s ‘Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty’, which earned Nicky and Darragh an Oscar nomination.


In the short film, an old explorer close to...

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Lighting & rendering has become by far the trickiest part of the process so far! The fact we are using Renderman means we are working at a technical level way beyond anything we used in the past.

Hopefully the results will be worth it & here’s a look at some of the renders that we have produced so far:

(click on images to enlarge)


  College Green 001

College Green 001



  College green 02

College green...
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I thought it would be good to bring you up to date with how the looks of the ‘23 Degrees..’ characters are going.

We had signed off on the Professor Orit model, which is the grey scale model below:

  signed off Professor Orit model

signed off Professor Orit model

So the lads started doing some initial hair tests. Hair is a really tricky thing to get right & as you can see from some of these early tests (on a...

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Just realised I hadn’t posted any production blogs on ‘23 Degrees…’ in a while, but it’s coming along and we are aiming for an April finish.

Here are a few presentation pieces that we had to prepare recently. I thought they looked so nice, sure I’d fire them up here for anyone to have a look at!

(click to enlarge the images)



Lecture hall

Lecture hall_01

Lecture hall pipeline

Character shading Facioal rigging


Textures by Stephen O’Connor, Shaders by Ezequiel...

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Here’s an update with some renders from Ezequiel Mastrasso. We decided to use Renderman to render the film & it’s not easy…

Eze used the keys set up by Stephen Robinson as reference for the shots & got stuck in.

  Orits study

Orits study

Here’s a few pics showing the progression of lighting as we went along.


  1st lighting pass of study

1st lighting pass of study


  2nd lighting pass of study

2nd lighting pass of study



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We have been animating away on ‘23 Degrees 5 Minutes’, so I thought it would be nice to share some of the work as it is coming together.

All of the work below is still work in progress, but if I had to wait for shots to finish before showing anything you would be waiting a long time…

Here’s a movie showing how we progress from storyboard to rough animation to final animation. The music...

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Stephen Robinson, Art Director on 23 Degrees 5 Minutes, worked on the colour script for the film. This basically gives a breakdown of how colour will work in the film and helps us to plan how to tell the story emotionally. It’s a huge help to the lighters & texture artists.

I can’t show it all here as it will give away too much of the story, but I think Stephen has done a great job. Hope...

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We finally have our first model ready for texturing. These are the 2D designs that we signed off on:

Brown Bag Films_ character designs

Then Siobhan finished up the greyscale model based on these designs:




Then we thought about the textures for the characters. I liked the idea that the character should have distinctly ‘Irish’ skin so Colm volunteered to be model for the day. Here’s a few shots that we used as reference:

23d5m_RefFace... ] Read Article

When you’re setting a film in a specific time & place it’s important to do as much research as you can. While the internet proves a valuable source of reference, nothing quite takes the place of going out into the field!

So with kind permission from the good people of Renaissance Antiques on Capel Street in Dublin, Stephen O’Connor set off armed with a camera to snap away at anything...

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