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Disney have released the first FULL trailer for their upcoming Big Hero 6! bit.ly/1AbFzlC
5:06 PM - 24 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
Check out Storyboard Revisionist Danny Shiels' character design #sketch for the web series The Bloody Mary Show: bit.ly/1nwhP6a
3:59 PM - 24 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
@toedoherty Thanks for your question Tony! We passed it onto our tech guru John Kennon, who replied on our #AMA page: bit.ly/1mHMp8j
2:56 PM - 24 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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Brown Bag Films is looking for new talent!

Two time Academy Award™ nominated animation studio Brown Bag Films is recruiting talented animation and production professionals to work with us on a range of high profile computer animation television series.

If you would like to join the team behind shows like The Octonauts, Doc McStuffins, Olivia and Noddy at our Dublin based studio, please check out the available positions on the Jobs page on our website at www.brownbagfilms.com/jobs

We are always looking for freelance Story Board Artists and 2D Set Designers. Please submit your CV and showreel to jobs@brownbagfilms.com

Please note that every completed application form submitted will receive a response via email within 1-2weeks

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Can I apply for more then one position?


26 May 2011 by Adi B

Hi Adrian, yes you can apply for whichever positions you’re qualified for, but please fill in an application for each one. Thanks!

26 May 2011 by Jennie


Can you please confirm the closing date for applications.


26 May 2011 by Eoin

Any chance you could need an enthusiastic student to use as a runner or production/direction assistant? :)

26 May 2011 by Riccardo Riguzzi

Is it alright to hand deliver the aplication form

26 May 2011 by Niall Byrne

Hi Eoin, there is no closing date for the positions, but we’ve had a large number of applications so I’d advise you to apply as soon as possible if you are interested.

Riccardo, we’re not recruiting for a runner or prod. assistant right now, but it is worth sending your CV to the email above, stating clearly the kind of position you would be interested on. We’ll keep it for reference if a suitable position comes up.

Niall, yes, you’re welcome to hand in your application in person - thanks.

26 May 2011 by Jennie

Hi guys,

Do you expect positions with a PR/Comms slant to arise?


26 May 2011 by Rob

Hi Rob, no, we’re not expecting to recruit for any positions in that area at present.

26 May 2011 by Jennie

Hi, where do you download an application form from?


27 May 2011 by Lisa O'C

Hi Lisa, just click on the link for whatever job you’re applying for.

27 May 2011 by Jennie

I am having trouble editing the application form. Even when I download the file it won’t allow me to enter any text, can you advise me on the correct method please.

30 May 2011 by Eoin

Hi Eoin, no problem, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) requesting the appliation form you need in Word format.

30 May 2011 by Jennie

Are you accepting international applicants?

Steve O

2 June 2011 by Steve O

Hi Steve, yes we are accepting international applicants!

2 June 2011 by Jennie


Sent application over 4 weeks ago, but still no response. Just wondering if you recieved my applciation if not shall I send another?


28 June 2011 by rob

Hello there,

I’m currently going into my final year at Teesside Uni and am also starting iAnimate in August. I just wondered what your footage rate per week is for 3d animation please? I’m aware that some companies go for a quantative approach while others have more time to polish their shots(feature vs. TV). The reason i ask is that i’d like to know where would be a good mark to be at when i graduate so i can apply here then.

Sorry if that seems rather long winded. All the best and please keep up the excellent work.


29 June 2011 by Andrew Cothill

Hi Andrew,

I’ve just checked with one of our Lead Animators, and she says we aim for 40spw on average. Most of the animation is done overseas and we mainly do cycles, harder scenes and retakes inhouse.
We do have to work fast, but aim for a high standard of animation.

Hope that helps!

29 June 2011 by Jennie

Hello again,

first, thanks for the speedy response. It gives me a good marker of where i would like to be at come graduation.

Second though, and sorry if this is unrelated, but with the majority being done overseas, does that mean that you output an average of 40spw of finished work but in that week your role could be varied beweteen cycles, harder shots and retakes? If this is true, then is 40spw an individual animator’s avarage of the the animation department as it works on a project.

I just want to get it straight in my mind.

Thanks again

29 June 2011 by Andrew Cothill

Hi Andrew, If we are working on episode specific scenes we will aim to get up to 40 seconds of animation done a week.
If we are doing cycles we can spend anywhere from 0.5-1.5 days on them, depending on the difficulty or character. Retakes can take anywhere from 1 hr to 2 days, it all varies and depends on sign off from the directors. Hope this answers your question .

29 June 2011 by Jennie

It did and and also gives me a good target footage rate for my own short film. Thanks again for your patience and responses Jennie.

All the best

30 June 2011 by Andrew Cothill


I am very interested in the storyboard position, you stated in the introduction for the jobs, but can find a link to the job.
May I know if this job is an open or closed position, just so i know how to apply.

many thank yous


1 September 2011 by susan stone

Hi, do you have any form of visa assistance for international applicants who are offered employment at your studio ?

15 October 2011 by ELVIS


It says your always looking for storyboard artists, Is there an application form for a storyboard position? and do you take on many storyboard artists each year?

29 November 2011 by Tara Fitzgerald

Hi Tara,

Yes, please do send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) requesting an application form and we will sort you out.

30 November 2011 by Caoimhe

I would be most grateful if you could consider my son Ian Farrelly ” application for employment within your company.He has a 2 1 Honours Degree in Video and Film Production from Dundalk I.T, in 2010. He has forwarded a C.V. to you many times. I appreciate your time innthis matter.  Yours Sincerely ,  VALERIE FARRELLY

28 December 2011 by VALFARRELLY

Are you still looking for 2d set designers?

9 January 2012 by Nicole Gallagher

Hi Nicole, we have no 2d set designer positions open at present, but we are accepting applications as we will be keeping artists’ bios on file for future roles.

9 January 2012 by Jennie Stacey

Hi, I am an experienced graphic / web designer also working with Flash & After Effects, are their any suitable positions in this area at Brown Bag Films?



9 January 2012 by Paul C

Hi I’m a dublin animator working in london anxiously keeping an eye on this page. thought I’d chance my arm and ask when the new jobs i read in the paper will be open for application? Thanks a million.

11 January 2012 by Anon for obvious reasons :)

Hi all. Just wondering about the audio side of what you do. Do your record/mix master in-house? Are you hiring for any audio work in the forseeable future? Do you have any open days? Thank you - G

18 January 2012 by Graham

Hi - this blog just came up on callsheet.ie, but before I get overly excited…. should I assume that you’ve filled the assistant production manager position already (as the post is now 7 months old)? 

Many Thanks (and remaining hopeful!),

23 January 2012 by Vanessa Moss

Hi Vanessa; the Assistant Production Manager role is brand new so please feel free to apply.

The original post is 7 months old but we update it regularly with new jobs as they come up. We’ll clarify that now - thanks for bringing it to our attention!

24 January 2012 by Jennie Stacey

Hello Jennie,

I am messaging in relation to a comment found below which read, “we are accepting applications as we will be keeping artists’ bios on file for future roles”. I would like to send in my C.V. based on my experience as an AV and lighting technician [live events] .

I would also welcome the chance to speak with you sometime.


26 January 2012 by Augustine M


Is the Junior Texture Artist position still open?


28 January 2012 by Laura


Is the Texture artist jobs still open?


20 February 2012 by AJG. Anand

Hi Anand,
The Texture Artist position is now filled but the Junior Texture Artist position is still open.

20 February 2012 by Jennie Stacey


I was just wondering whether there will be some junior animator positions opening up soon? I’m currently tailoring my showreel for Maya animation. Also attending the Brown Bag advanced classes with Declan in BCFE



23 February 2012 by Eoin Mahon

hi, do you hire storyboard artists full time or use freelancers??

27 February 2012 by Tara Fitzgerald

Hi Tara, we use freelance storyboard artists who work with our two in-house storyboard supervisors.

27 February 2012 by Jennie Stacey

Hi, i am a self thought artist, Drawing and painting, (http://www.johntoland-art.com i was wondering if you could tell me a good place in Dublin to get the qualifications needed to get into animation. and what that qaulification would be. Main interest would be Character design and story telling.

Thank you for your help.

22 May 2012 by John

Would love to know if you currently have openings for a 3D animator? Also, are you still taking international job seekers?

Thank you for your time! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Shivonne Sampson

31 May 2012 by Shivonne Sampson

Hi Shivonne,
All current job positions are listed on our Jobs page at http://www.brownbagfilms.com/jobs There. are no 3d animator positions available at the moment but do check back regularly! Yes, we do take international applicants and can assist with visa applications.

31 May 2012 by Jennie Stacey

Hi my name is Guillermo Alvarez Ruiz I send my demoreel for Lead Texturing Artist 3 weeks ago, I haven’t received a response,
My question is, there are Texturing Artist positions opening for now?

24 July 2012 by Guillermo Alvarez

Hello. I am currently studying animation and I was wondering if you do Internships or workexperience, because I would like to be able to get a chance to get a feel of a work place such as this.

2 December 2012 by John Ward

Hi John,
I’m afraid we’re not currently offering work experience or internship placements, but keep an eye on the FAQ on our website for any updates: http://www.brownbagfilms.com/contact/faq

3 December 2012 by Jennie Stacey

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