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@Brandonbot We're VERY much looking forward to having you in the studio! *excited* :)
3:47 PM - 25 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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A press release from the BBC has just announced that it will begin airing the Octonauts on the 4th of October!

  Kwazzi, Barnacles & Peso

Kwazzi, Barnacles & Peso

We’re also delighted that it will be airing on the free to air BBC HD channel so the full richness of the show will be available for anyone who has access to BBC HD ( & a HD TV of course…)

There’s also an interview with exec producer from Chorion, Kurt Mueller here., and you can  check out an interview with Captain Barnacles himself here.

We’re currently putting together stings & teasers for the show so we will post them up as soon as they have gone on air.


  The HQ of the Octopod

The HQ of the Octopod

Once again, please let us know what you think!


They are soo bloody cute, look at the wee eyepatch!, the sailors hats!, and the octopus! its wearing a dickie bow!!! Cuteness overload :D

27 September 2010 by Aisling

My daughter absolutley loves this, she insists on watching it again and again on CBeebies. She’s three next week, can we buy anoything other than books for her? Character figures, puzzles etc
The fact it’s educational also is a big plus :)

18 October 2010 by Sabrina

Hi Sabrina, thats great news that your daughter is enjoying Octonauts. There are definitely plans for releasing a whole line of toys based on the show but we are not sure yet when they are going to be in the shops. Keep an eye on our Facebook page & we will announce it as soon as we hear anything!
We learnt a lot when doing the show so it was educational for us too!

19 October 2010 by Doc

wow I think I love this series more than my nephew! The one programme that I don’t mind watching over and over. We need toys asap!!

20 October 2010 by kirstyglasgow

Thanks Kirsty! Glad you’re enjoying it! for more updates check out our facebook page:


P.s. I assume you mean you love the show more than your nephew LOVES THE SHOW??? ;)

21 October 2010 by Doc

My daughter adores the Octonauts she is 3, I’m now aparently Captain Barnacles and she is Kwazzi. Definately need some Octonauts based toys although what would the likelyhood be of any in time for Christmas? They are very cute :) Have been printing off the colouring in sheets off the website too thanks for those, books are on their way too :)

26 October 2010 by Nadia

Hi Nadia! Thanks for the great feedback. Unfortunately, I don’t think the toys will hit the shelves in time for this Christmas as it takes a while to plan all of that end of things. You may have to content yourself with colouring in & books for the time being but the word on the street is that when the toys do arrive…. they are SUPER cool!!!

26 October 2010 by Doc

My son loves Octonauts. Look forward to the release of dvds and toys.
I like it too and dont mind him watching the episodes over again.
Great work guys.

27 October 2010 by Alexandra

Thanks Alexandra, we tried to make a show that wouldn’t drive the parents crazy so it’s great to get that feedback!

27 October 2010 by Doc

My 3 year old daughter has gone Octonuts! She can’t get enough of this show on Cbeebies i-player. It would be great to see some Octonout games on the cbeebies website soon and needless to say, if the associated toys are coming out, she’d be one happy customer!

28 October 2010 by Rohan

Hi Rohan! We love hearing from fans of the show & thats great that your daughter is loving it!
Check out the official website for the TV show:
Here you’ll find lots of games to play, colouring pages to print out, etc…
Let us know what you think of it & keep an eye on the Facebook page where we will let you know when toys will be available, although I don’t think it will be for a while yet, I’m afraid :(

29 October 2010 by Doc

My 5 year old son is absolutely crazy about the octonauts - he loves it!  And again, very educational he has picked up a lot from the shows and never misses an episode - getting me to check the schedule every day and counts down the clock till it’s time!  I see the toys won’t be ready for Christmas, but what about DVDs?

2 November 2010 by megan

Both my 4yr old and my 19 month old are crazy for Octonauts. I-player is a permanent fixture watching these fantastic characters. Brilliant stories and fantastic animation. Will def sign up to Facebook and please rush through the DVD and toy releases! You have a house full of fans here!

2 November 2010 by Alison Ayeh

My two children (and me!) just love Octonauts. We watch it before school AND at tea-time!  My 4 yr old son has now adopted the name of Barnacles and my 2 year daughter is now Peso and will only get her shoes on to the call of ‘Octonauts to HQ’.  Love it. Ha ha! It’s really hit the spot in our house and we’ve learned so much about sea creatures! Please hurry with the toys!!

3 November 2010 by Tracey B

Thanks for the great feedback Megan & Alison! Tracey, I just read out your note to some of the producers of the show & they burst out laughing to your unique solution for getting your daughters shoes on… brilliant!

4 November 2010 by doc

I have a 3 year old son Harry who is almost beside himself when the Octonauts comes on the TV every evening. We then have to watch it again on iPlayer and he just loves it. He is “Captain Barnacles” and I am Peso apparently and we have to shout out “Octonauts to your stations!” at the top of our voices after every bathtime! It’s a brilliant series and every button is now called the “Octonaut button”. Please, please bring out a figurine set before Xmas, please…

4 November 2010 by Magnus Wheatley

My daughter Molly and I love it especailly as my surname is Barnacle!...Will there be toys?...

4 November 2010 by Louise Barnacle

I agree with a host of other posters, please release a DVD for christmas. it’s a guaranteed best seller ;-)

4 November 2010 by David Earnshaw

Hi. we love the octonauts over here in new zealand and my 4yr son can’t get anoth of those cute little guys. Any chance the series will be heading our way? or if theirs a dvd coming out soon?

5 November 2010 by Erin

Wow, once again we’re bowled over by the amazing reaction! Thanks so much for sharing.

I’m really sorry but the toy release is out of our hands & I don’t think they will be in the shops until almost this time next year, BUT I can guarantee they will be worth waiting for!!! DVD may be out sooner so we will keep you posted…

Not sure when a New Zealand release is coming yet Erin but as soon as we know we will post it up on Facebook & on our blog!

5 November 2010 by Darragh

My son loves this and apparently they play Octonauts at playtime at school, would be really good to get some figures/toys out for Christmas!

8 November 2010 by Paul

Thanks for the BRILLIANT show! We absolutely love it, great job!!!
My son:6, husband 40, me 35. Suitable for all age-group!
We set an alarm in order not to miss it in the morning.You should see my son shooting out of bed. Octonauts tune alarm clock… as a product idea?

8 November 2010 by Veronika

Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback - great to know kids are playing Octonauts in the playground! The toys won’t be out until next year but as Darragh says they are certainly worth waiting for!

Veronika, so glad your whole family is enjoying the show. An Octonauts theme alarm clock is a great idea :)

9 November 2010 by Jennie

The best thing on TV by miles! Magical story lines, characterisation and animation. My 2 year old son likes it nearly as much as me. Keep up the great work and hurry-up with the spin-offs…

9 November 2010 by Dad

My 5 year old son absolutely loves the Octonauts! He is so keen to get ready for school by 8am so he can watch the programme, it used to be such a struggle! Can’t wait for the DVDs and toys.  Thanks.

10 November 2010 by Sue

Hi my nephew is 3 and adores the octonauts, i would love to get him the DVD for christmas, will there be one out in time?

10 November 2010 by Alicia

My son (4) just loves octonauts.we have to watch it over and over.PLEASE release the dvd soon. he is captin barnicles and he goes around shouting octonauts to the rescue!he won’t answer me if i call him by his name.at bathtime he drives the gup-c and rescues his bath toys! please please hurry with that merchandise, your missing out!

10 November 2010 by PENNY

My 3 and a half year old son loves the Octonauts, any sign of DVD or toys?

11 November 2010 by GEM

My daughter is also 3 and another lover of octanauts! Can’t get enough and insists on episode after episode on the iplayer. Cute animation and lovely colours. I shall be watching out for the toys and DVD’s like everyone else :)

13 November 2010 by lois

Thanks Dad, Sue, alicia, Penny, GEM & Lois. It’s so great that you’re enjoying the show. I’m really sorry that the toys won’t be coming out for almost a year but I don’t think anyone involved expected such an immediately positive reaction to the show! We knew that we were immensely proud with what we had made but its so great hearing from you all that its working!!!
Just to give you guys a bit of the background to how toys come out, these decisions usually have to be put in action up to a year before toys are ready to go on the shelves & people usually don’t push the go button on toys until it has been on air for at least 6 months.
I can let you know that the button has been pushed on the Octonauts & toys will hit the shelf alright but probably not for another 10 or 11 months… if its any sooner we will let you all know!
Also as soon as we now anything about a dvd we will let you know as well, thanks again everyone for watching!

14 November 2010 by doc

i also have a (nearly) 3yr old daughter…. our whole life now revolves around the octonauts. She especially likes Peso and his medical bag, im often wrapped up n bandages etc, ad she is always sayin she helps animals who are sick or hurt….. i as most others am excited to get my hands on some toys, hopefully a medical bag!!!

14 November 2010 by sally

please release octonauts on dvd!!!  when please?

15 November 2010 by Jennie Sharrocks

My nearly 3 year old son absolutely LOVES Octonauts.  He wants it on all the time and took to it straight away after just one episode.  He gets so excited when its mentioned.  Thank you for such a great show which I don’t mind sitting through and watching for the 5th time either!  I take your point about the Toys (sadly we’ll wait) but we’d love it if a DVD could come out earlier.  He’s never taken to a programme so much!

17 November 2010 by LucyandMatty

My 3 1/2 loves the octoauts so much he would watch it all day if he could he says he would like a playset for christmas will i be able to get one?

19 November 2010 by Jane

Just need to join the overwhelming positive response to the Octonauts.  My 4 year old son has comandeered my laptop and can watch endless repeats of Octonauts on CBeebies iPlayer with the only input from me being my initial password to log on.  He keeps asking me for that too….I understand why the toys won’t be ready for Christmas but there are going to be some very disappointed children out here.

21 November 2010 by Claire

This is children’s tv at its best, and I’m more than happy to watch it too! Both my kids (aged 3 & 5) love it and they’ve allocated character names to all family members. They remember sealife facts with ease after watching each episode - great stuff!

22 November 2010 by Chris

a dvd soon please…. have to keep watching it on catch up telly over and over again , my 4 yr old loves this .

22 November 2010 by angela

my 3 yr old son loves the Octonauts, its so funny because i also say the Octonauts wrong and he saids no mum its like this…. When will the toys be out my son is teddy bear mad and now wants the collection of octonaut plushes please being out cuddly versions!!! they would be soooo cute, he races to get dressed in the morning so he can watch the show before he goes to nursary, he tells me all about the animals and wants to go vist a whale shark!!! love the show great work guys well done!!

22 November 2010 by leanne

I am 4 1/2 yrs old and i love watching octonauts. My favourite octonaut is all of them!  I watch them every morning and night and hope I have them all for Christmas!! Love Jack xx

23 November 2010 by jack evans

We love the Octonauts, and we really like the vehicles as well as the characters, but we cant find colouring pages for Gup B and Gup C, Please can we have more colouring pages for them as well?
Ben aged 6 & Harry aged 4

27 November 2010 by Ben & Harry

Absolutely brilliant programme!!My 3year old loves it and my sofa is permanently the guppA/B/E!!  Am not allowed to sit on it unless I agree to be Kwazzi!  Will not ask about toys/dvd’s but agree that they would be fab and look forward to their release.  Excellent show guys-thanks for something fun and educational!

28 November 2010 by Robsmum

My 4 year old son is obsessed with the octonauts. He never misses an episode and watches all the repeats me and my husband both enjoy watching it too. My son is especially pleased he can now pay octonaut games on cbeebies and we can’t wait for dvd and toys. Please Please hurry!

1 December 2010 by Louise

My name is Ben, I am nearly six and I love love love The Octonauts. My favourite is Kwazii Cat because he always say YEOW !!!! Please please bring out the DVD soon !!!!!!!

1 December 2010 by Ben Hooton

please please release toys dvds bedding ANYthing and everything - my 3 year old daughter loves the show and has asked santa for an octopod!

1 December 2010 by gillian shaw

My 3 year old son is also obsessed! Although he thought the characters were called “rescue and protect” for the first few shows. I am continuing the pleading for some merchandise. My son is desperate for some of the Gups with the characters in to play pretend underwater adventures. I have had loads of questions especially after the episode with the Algae and the leaky pipe. Things like:  Why does the engineer rabbit need to wear a special hat? Explaining the need for welding goggles to a 3 year old was good fun! Is algae like poo? ( it was brown!!!!!!) What do lobsters and crabs eat? Is a pacific sail fish faster than a racing car? What is the Gup called that goes to rescue the naughty gups that run away? Why does the walrus have a poorly flipper?  I can’t afford to miss an episode now otherwise I look really daft when I don’t know the answers…...... Thanks for a brilliant, educational programme that teaches me things never mind my son.

4 December 2010 by JanCheshire

Once again we are humbled by all the great responses & delighted everyone is still watching the show. I can assure you that all of the crew working on Octonauts also learnt a lot about life under the sea!!!
Unfortunately, I still can’t give any dates about when toys or DVDs are going to come out so keep an eye on OctonautsTV page on Facebook. I don’t think anyone expected the reaction to the show or there would have been toys ready for the shops.
I have seen sneak peeks at what some of the toys are going to be like & all I can say is they will be worth the wait! So please be patient ( but try telling that to children…) & thanks for watching!

6 December 2010 by Doc

my 2 children just absolutely love it, we act out the chacters. their favorite ones are captain barnicles and kwazi

6 December 2010 by motty and pinni

my son cant get enough of them he would watch the same episode over again

8 December 2010 by daz

I know people have already asked and you still haevn’t got a date yet but my 5 year old son and 2 year daughter love the Octonauts and have asked for there DVD for Christmas !!! What can I do??!!!

8 December 2010 by Ali in Cumbria

my son who is 4 years old said all he wants for Christmas is for Santa to bring him an octonauts DVD

13 December 2010 by Dr Stevens

I’m really sorry folks but we still don’t have the release date for the dvd but it’s not going to be until some time after Christmas…
I really am sorry about this but we had no idea that children were going to like it SO much.

13 December 2010 by Doc

My Son loves these!! He is forever watching them on iplayer, shouting octonaughts.

14 December 2010 by sarah

my son and daughter are nuts over octonauts please could you tell me if they are releasing DVD soon they want it for christmas off santa what can i tell them

14 December 2010 by jeanette

please could you tell me when you ate going to release a DVD my son and daughter are nuts about octonauts

14 December 2010 by jeanette

My 2 girls (4 & 5) watch this every day and I don’t mind one little bit. The characters are brillant, stories fun and educational and I personally love the graphics - It is a ‘beautiful’ programme, if that doesn’t sound daft.Puts all other programmes in the shade ( way-awful-baloo).
Please please can we have a DVD release soon, nevermind toys etc…

16 December 2010 by Edie D

My son has gone Octonuts!!

17 December 2010 by Emily

i have to say that octonauts is the greatest show on childrens tv at the moment. my 4yr old boy zak is compleatly hooked he just cant get enough of it we watch it every teatime and have them all recorded on the sky plus as he likes to watch them over and over and over all day long lol….he loves the games online and keeps crazing to buy dvds of it (which we are patiently waiting for)also we are really lookin 4ward to the toy releases as im sure he will want everything…thanks we are lookin 4ward to another series from becky aka tweek and zak aka captain barnacles

18 December 2010 by becky

My five year old is absolutely obsessed with Octonauts and watches them back to back on iPlayer. Please put them on DVD asap. He has learnt an incredible amount about the undersea world and we could even watch another BBC programme about the undersea world and see sealife we have already observed on Octonauts. My son is now acting out Kwazzi and calling everyone ‘me hearties’!!

18 December 2010 by S backhouse

I like octonauts and my favourite gup is gup A and B and D. Please can you put it on DVD? I like Paso and Kwazi. The best show in the world. I want to watch it all day at school.

20 December 2010 by Motty, Mylech and Srulik

We love Octonauts! When the DVD is out we will be the first to buy it. Purple class CAN’T WAIT. Motty and Mylech are big fans…!!!!!

20 December 2010 by Emma

I love The Octonauts it’s the only thing I watch ! Why does Peso always use bandages to make creatues better? I love Kwazzi cat so much. I also love Captain Barncles because he drives the Gup D ! I can’t wait for the toys to come out love BEN HOOTON

22 December 2010 by Ben Hooton

When will the DVD (if due to be made) be released?

29 December 2010 by Becky

This house loves Octonauts too - 41, 35, almost 3 and 9mth old who bops to the music!
We have the programme on constant repeat on our Sky+ and my daughter has learnt so much about life under the sea, working as a team, and new words/language as a result. Can’t wait for the toys and DVD!
How about an Octonauts Encyclopedia? My daughter has one of a well known orange,fishy Disney character with all the characters that feature having their own page and facts about each one. It is evident that so much research has been done on this programme (hubby and I have checked on the internet that these creatures really exist!) so a child-friendly book like this would go down a treat…just a suggestion!

1 January 2011 by Sarah

Thanks once again everyone for the ongoing support & great feedback… and thanks for your patience regarding the toys & dvds. Unfortunately still no release dates planned but we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.
To answer your question Ben, Peso loves helping sea creatures & he is excellent at bandaging but sometimes he uses ointment as well & gives the animals check ups with his stethoscope!
Thanks Sarah for your great suggestion about the encyclopedia which I will share with the producers!
Keep watching!

5 January 2011 by doc

Just started airing in Australia on ABC and my daughter who is 2 and a half and she just LOVES LOVES LOVES Octonauts. She will watch same episodes over and over again.
I am trying to see if there is any AUS format DVD for sale yet, Poo havn’t been able to find.
THank you for such a gorgeous animation as i type this my daughter mantra is please octonauts please octonauts please please.

8 January 2011 by Kishaa

My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this show and to be fair I actually don’t mind it myself.  A dvd that I could stand to watch, bring one out asap..

9 January 2011 by Stacy

This has really caught my son’s imagination - we now have about 30 episodes on Sky+ which are watched daily and then re-enacted word for word with me playing Pesu and him playing Cpt. Barnacles - it is really helping him with his speech (he is just 4) and his knowledge of sea animals is amazing!!  Thanks for showing this on CBeebies and BBC HD.

9 January 2011 by pamfdis

Like everyone else who posted comments, we all love Octonauts. We have almost all episodes on Sky+ series link, and both Jack(4) and Lily(2) absolutely adore it. I even made Jack’s birthday cake into Captain Barnacle. The oarfish and christmas edition are the current favourites. They have also learnt so much (as Mummy and Daddy have too!) Such beautiful graphics, so cute. Our favourite TV show for children. Thank you so much, can’t wait for the DVD.

10 January 2011 by Louise

Congratulations on producing a exccellent show. You must have jumped up and down getting the chance to work with the meomi art. Good stuff! As you are clearly aware the need for toys is definately out there…not least in our household! My son is already dreaming of an Octopod toy - he told me that he woke up inside a toy of the Octopod and went out in the Gup A with Peso on a mission! - Lovely. Maybe ready for next Christmas??

14 January 2011 by Marshall senior

Please can we have them on dvd?!  My boys, aged 2 and 4, absolutely love them; nothing distracts them when they’re watching them!!

16 January 2011 by Mary

Hi, we live in Australia, and like everyone else who seems to be posting, my nearly three year old is absolutely obsessed by the Octonauts, or “Optonauts” as she insists they are called…..“No dad, it’s, it’s Optonauts!” She has all but kicked me off my computer to watch episode after episode….“just 1 more episode dad, just 1 more, OK?”
It’s a great show and we all love it, but do you think you could get the DVD’s out to Oz fast because I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to not do any work with my competer out of action!!HaHa!
Thanks and Congrats on a great kids program.

20 January 2011 by Nic

My son LOVES the octonauts and i have to admit that us parents love it too!! Its a show that doesnt get annoying after watching it for the 100th time, cant wait for the toys etc to come out he wants them already. Beautiful to look at and fun to watch please make more and dont EVER take this off CBeebies.

25 January 2011 by Steph

My little boy of three now has love the show ever since it arrived on CBeebies. However we want to share it with his pals at nursery, is it or will it be on DVD anytime soon!!???

26 January 2011 by Zoe

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can everyone asking when the toys/dvd’s come out read the last post in the list as it will surely answer your question. maybe even look at the facebook page for news! But thanks for making the best kids show for the last 25 years guys. I love it (I’m 32!) and my 3 year old loves it too. most weekends are an octonauts marathon! Thanks again

29 January 2011 by Gregg Stockdale

Well just like everyone else is saying - my 2 year old son is obsessed.  every morning and everynight he says ‘i want octocs mummy - please?’ and will watch them back to back on iplayer.  He thinks he’s kwazzi and wears a skiing helmet and goggles to complete the octonauts image.  I can’t wait for a DVD and any additional toys - he will be so blissed out.

30 January 2011 by Cinders

We LOVE the Octonauts! Any chance a DVD or Blu-ray will be released soon? We are using up lots of the memory on the Sky+ box as we record each episode and watch them over and over! Mummy would like to delete some to make some space but we will NOT allow it! Thanks x

31 January 2011 by Neve and Joshua

This really is THE BEST young childrens tv show on. My 4 year old eagerly awaits each days episode and i have to confess i enjoy it very much too! It’s a joy to watch these cute characters, and the imagination, research and talent which has gone into every episode is second to none! ~ Finally a new programme which respects our childrens intelligence and encourages their learning, in such a cute enjoyable way, -in fact we’ve all learnt so much more about life under the sea!
The music is so dramatically FAB! Also i personally enjoy the variety of accents the creatures the Octonauts encounter have!
Love it all! Well done + Thank you for saving many parents sanity from the mindnumbingly slow repetivitness of other programmes aimed at our youngsters!
Looking forward to seeing the toys available, (Paso has taken over Pingus identity for the meantime!)

1 February 2011 by Maxine

Brilliant to see that lots of parents seem to be enjoying the show along with their kids. This is something we really strived for when making it, to make action adventure for pre-school that adults could watch with their children without pulling their hair out.
Octonauts breaks a lot of the rules that are considered ‘normal’ for pre-school. There were lots of worries that it might be to scarey or the names were too difficult or there were too many characters but in the end judging by your comments & the viewing figures it seems to have worked ;)
Also a quick word on the music… Darren Hendley who composed the music for the whole series really pushed the boat out on making it as cinematic & epic as he could and a big influence was John Barry who passed away earlier this week, so RIP Mr. Barry & a heartfelt for supplying us with such fantastic music down the years!!!

2 February 2011 by doc

Hi, I’m from Brazil and my five year old son is crazy about octonauts. He ask me every day to buy a DVD. Well, I know that it won’t be possible now, but I will keep waiting. Congratulations for the show!!!

2 February 2011 by Giovanna

Love it,,, my 4yr daughter just loves the octonauts,,,

3 February 2011 by l griffiths

My 21 month old loves the octonaughts and watches them via the bbc cbeebies iplayer. I’ve been looking everywhere and to my surprise the DVD’s are not for sale anywhere.

Please make them available to purchase on DVD.

I also find octonaughts fun to watch , its better than most kids tv shows that drive you insane.

4 February 2011 by Chris

my 3year old son is obsessed with the octonauts.could you tell me if ther is a release date for the dvd or toys,please hurry thankyou jilltait

6 February 2011 by jill tait

Can i just say that my three month old boy just LOVES The Octonauts! I also love them, and i’m 26! It is a credit to you and your colleagues (and also their creators). My son will be 1 at Halloween, and would love to be able to get him some of the products. Also have some ideas for products: soothers, bibs, pyjamas, teddy’s, bottles..

8 February 2011 by Sinead

hi, i would like to purchase dvd’s of the octonauts and maybe toys of the. Do you know if any shall be made for retail and when ? my son loves them and watches them over and over. many thanks

9 February 2011 by victoria bentley

when will octonauts dvd be released my 4year old asks all day when its on. she watches the two episodes everyday on cbeebies and cries if she misses them!

10 February 2011 by nicola

Along with everyone else on this website, I am living with an Little Octonauts obsessed fan. He initially thought they said ” Explore, rescue and Blu-tak”.  He asked for an octonauts party in March 2011. I have started thinking of what I will do and I have been enjoying hearing that there are are hundreds (plus) of parents in the same boat as I am. Lots of impressive cakes and hand-made toys on the octonauts website.
Thanks for a lovely show!

12 February 2011 by Jenn

Thanks so much for such a fantastic new programme - my boys love it (5 and 3) and we really enjoy watching it with them - a real breath of fresh air! we have now transformed our playroom into a kelp forest with cardboard box gups! my elder son has taken to wearing an eye patch all the time like Kwazi!! my husband has made them an octoalert so they come running when it is sounded! they love it - its been a real inspiration for play as well as great entertainment. so much looking forward to a dvd!

12 February 2011 by Rach

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you bring out party supplies for the Octonauts…..you are missing out on thousands of pounds of profit in this area because every 4& 5 year old child my son knows love Octonauts and want a party based on them. This always happens with a new programme and for parents it’s very frustrating!
My son LOVES the prgramme and drives the whole family potty all day pretending to be Captain Barnacles! Congratulations on a fantastic programme!

17 February 2011 by Emma

Octonauts is fantastic for kids which gives the correct knowledge on the sea creatures for further exploration (I’m a biologist). My grandson and I love the characters and the episodes. Where can I buy the DVDS to give Nicholas (grandson)on his birthday, which is on the third of March? Please let me know.

17 February 2011 by Florence

My little girl love this! She wants it on all the time! But doesn’t understand why she can’t have an octanauts DVD? Any news?

21 February 2011 by P chapman

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My daughter is obsessed, I have to pretend that i am Kwazzi my hustband gets told he has to be Peso and our daughter is captain barnacles and we go to the rescue of all the sea creatures, so much fun, would like it if she had her own toy characters to play with though.

27 February 2011 by Emily

My sons fave show. I would love to buy action figures, but i cant find any. please could you email me and tell me if you no. many thanks (”,)

3 March 2011 by jo

Ditto is all i can say! Both my 2 and 3 year old sons LOVE Octonauts and get only the one per day that is currently showing on CBeebies, which seems not enough! I record them and they watch them over and over again. Its coming up to my son’s 2nd birthday and was really surprised to find only books available, and also saw no answer regarding when DVDs/toys and other merchandise may be available??

7 March 2011 by Suzy

Fantastic show!! My two daughters(4 and 6) absolutely adore the show. Dashi and Tweak are their favourites but all the characters are fantastic. I caught one of them putting on a band-aid with great sound effects and speed pretending to be Peso! Thanks also for the great stories and the accurate biology - my 6yo loves looking up the internet and seeing how accurate it all is!! Look forward the books/dvd etc coming out!

8 March 2011 by Adrienne

My 4 year old daughter is also a huge fan. She got hooked on the Octonaut books (especially the Frown Fish) and was so excited when the tv programme came out.  So although there are still no toys or dvd’s, I can highly recommend the books - and a new one is about to be launched.

9 March 2011 by Z

Hi there, my son adores the Octonauts. Sunday mornings our bedroom is transformed into the Octopod using pillows! Until DVDs come out I’m Sky+‘ing the episodes but am confused as to how many episodes there are. Wikipedia says 51 (incl the Penguin Race Xmas special), however some of the televised episodes are marked 3/52, 4/52, etc. Do you have a definitive list? Thanks

10 March 2011 by Bex

My son Oisin (2yrs) LOVES the octonauts so so much ... he dances in front of the tv when the music starts.His wee face lights up with EXCITEMENT.. I THINK ITS GREAT I LOVE CAPTAIN BARNACLES. Am a art teacher and i love the graphics and colours are fab… cant wait 4 dvd..

14 March 2011 by Elaine

when are they going to make party supplies with the Octonauts theme?. Pls do!!.

18 March 2011 by Karen

Hi there,

Thanks for creating a kids program that is engaging, intelligent AND entertaining… Since discovering Octonauts, our four year old has become intrigued and amazed by ocean animals, insisting we take him to the Melbourne Aquarium and trawling through every ocean book he can get his hands on. As parents we appreciate the unusual types of animals explored in the episodes - like giant spider crabs, vampire squids and narwhals. We appreciate the environmental messages, the way the show doesn’t talk down to its audience, that it is educational and still has a sense of humour and fun. As a family we talk about what it means to “explore” “rescue” “protect” and why its important to protect the ocean. Our son has always loved the beach - swimming, sand castles, now he looks out at the water and ask us questions, and ponders what else is living inside it, and tries to find them. Awesome.
Thank you.
Rebecca and Mark
PS - PLEASE release DVDs soon!

21 March 2011 by Rebecca Hayford

i am a total convert, my four year old loves octonauts and the fact he is learning real facts about the sea is a massive bonus, it is so superior to the likes of rasta mouse that they should not be on the same channel, it even makes me laugh, the humahuma episode was comic genius, dashi sound the octo-flluffell
well done octo crew, a fun program that encorporates lots of dialects and teaches the children some real facts

25 March 2011 by timpo

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