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Today's #TopTip comes from Lead Animator Andy Doyle - for when you're having trouble animating: bit.ly/1nwA4Kk
10:30 AM - 22 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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I possibly did myself no favours by rattling on about surround sound and Toy Story 3 and whatnot in my last post, and that was me giving the simplified version. I admit it, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to tech and alike.

Anyway, my new best friends at Dolby are back on the road to COOL with this video…don’t believe me, believe in Beardyman himself:

“The piece was produced by Think Espionage and Dolby and is super sick in the face. If you like it, that makes you really cool”

Kinda animation related (and would definitely be nominated for this) so stick your headphones on have a nerd-tastic weekend!

Oh and having been accused of being a geek on Brown Bag’s Twitter.... 

BBF Tweet

...I have to make an important distinction: geeks are a totally different beast!!

See for me, Nerds are still essentially men-in-white coats but they do or make cool stuff  eg. Dolby

Geeks are men-in-white coats that do or make nothing vaguely interesting or useful to everyday people e.g. Just how does snail slime work…

Or maybe I’ve been deceiving myself for too long…


  Courtesy of xkcd.com

Courtesy of xkcd.com



Awesome video though.

9 July 2010 by Jennie

that is pure class, favourite part had to be the funky bass! I’ve only got the sennheiser hd600s for listening (and sounds great) but would imagine it’s a lot better in surround in your studio. I need more sub!

5 August 2010 by Simon

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